#RECAP: Blake Martin’s, XY Fashion Show


Y.S. Mag had the pleasure of attending Blake Martin’s, XY Fashion Show…and needless to say: it was amazing. Although Blake used all male models, with the exception of two phenomenal female models, the show conveyed a level of versatility out of this world.


From the beginning of the show, when the curtains were pulled back, and lined up across the stage was every model dressed in his/her own variation of white; I knew we were in for a treat. And of course the rest of the show did not disappoint.


Blake Martin’s ability to embrace models of different sizes and combine that with an ongoing range of fashion took this show off the charts.


While not only using his creativity to produce an entertaining show, Blake also aspires to inspire others to channel their creative energy as a means of release. Opening up about his battles with suicide as a teenager, and explaining how fashion enabled him to redirect his attention to a more positive outlet was a testimony to how a seed of passion can grow into a  garden of inspiration.

A Blake Martin production is more than just a fashion show, it is his own narrative, live in color.

See for yourself



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