TRAYVON MARTIN: Be an Activist


If there is one thing we can all learn from the movement that has been birthed from the Trayvon Martin tragedy, is that we all can be activists.

The nationwide, yet symbolic hoodie movement speaks volumes, in addition to other grassroot efforts, such as the rallies and petitions we all have been apart of.

Being an activist for a cause does not necessarily always mean verbalizing concerns, but sometimes the silence behind an action can prove to be louder.

I personally have not felt so empowered by wearing a hoodie outside, ever.

Just knowing that I, along with thousands of other individuals are taking a solid stand for a cause that has become personal means more than my words may convey.

With that being said, let the legacy of Trayvon Martin inspire the activist in you. Take a stand, so the next person can be encouraged to do the same. It is a domino effect.



Join us and the rest of the world in securing justice for Trayvon Martin here


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