How Far Would You Go: Aspiring Actress Spends Last Paycheck on Billboard for Tyler Perry

Twenty- three year old,  single mom, and actress, Racquel Bailey is creating a buzz all over Atlanta, Georgia and the cyberworld with the billboard she bought and strategically placed 2 miles from the Tyler Perry Studios. Talk about ambition.

Racquel is determined to make sure her dream to win an Academy Award is obtained, by any means necessary.

Check out what inspired Racquel to spend her last check to hopefully take her career off the map.

Why she chose a billboard to market herself.

I wanted Tyler Perry to see me. These directors get hundreds of headshots everyday, so what sets me apart? I constantly send out headshots and go to auditions where I’m told, “You’re fantastic,” but then I don’t get the role. So I’m like, “What’s happening here?” This business is all about who you know, and I just got tired of putting my fate in everybody else’s hands.

On spending her last paycheck.

Yes, I did. I started a theater company a few years ago and we were hired by Newark public schools to teach ballet in after-school programs. The summertime is coming up, and the program is drawing to an end. So that $1,500 was my last paycheck.

What she is currently working on.

I’ve been doing classical theater all my life and recently decided to get into television and film. I’m currently working on some independent films and commercials to promote me in the direction that I want to be in, which is to win the Academy Award one day.

We definitely wish Racquel, and everyone else out there grinding, nothing but the best. Chase your dreams no matter what.

Get the rest of the interview over at Essence


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