Part 1: Saluting Chicago Mothers, Charlotte Betts


Charlotte Betts, 31, Preface Agency, founder/owner

It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.

Preface Agency is a Chicago based agency offering aesthetically creative services by way of wardrobe styling (commerical\editorial). We also offer personal sartorial solutions for those in need of guidance when it comes to style development or personal shopping.

I was born in Africa, raised in Canada. Chicago is my adoptive city… But it feels like home to me. I’m fluent in 3.5 languages French (which is my mother tongue) Lingala (my native tongue) and English of course. I can hold my own in what I like to call street Spanish… Conversational to a certain extent. I’m a sucka for lame jokes. I blog at, I write for, keeping busy is exciting to me. Never a dull moment.

Juggling motherhood & work.

Working has proven to be a little harder than I had anticipated, considering that my daughter is [a new born], so she requires a lot of my attention; but I’m okay with that. I work on my blog when she naps, or I will stay up late to finish work and things of that nature. I’m blessed with some pretty cool in-laws that are always available. As for my husband, he’s pretty awesome, he makes being his wife pretty easy, but as I said, juggling the three is no piece of cake- but I’m getting the hang of it.

I love that she’s mine, I love her unpredictable smiles. I love that everyday is something new with her. I love that I’m experiencing a new kind of love. Motherhood is too intense (in a good way) to verbalize.

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