Part 2: Saluting Chicago Mothers, Candace Cantrell


Candace Cantrell, 25, Chic Aroma, Owner

I always believe in spite of how the situation or obstacle may look, you have to show strength and confidence in anything you do.

Chic Aroma is an all natural scented soy candle company. We sell candles, aroma lamps, soy melts and soy shots. Because Chic Aroma products are soy they are non-toxic andeco-friendly.

Hmmm! I am a wife, mother of two little angels, a big sister, friend, college educated; I have two Bachelor’s degrees and in pursuit of obtaining my Master’s Degree. I also have a “day job” working as an Office Administrator. I am one of the busiest people I know!

Having kids, a husband and working hard is a major task and it can get overwhelming. I try to make a set schedule of things that have to be done on set days. Pay bills Monday, wash Tuesdays, gymnastics Wednesdays…., just to give an idea of how I try to balance it all.

Making time for my husband is also important for me. I am a mother and wife before anything, so making sure we have family outings, date nights, special movie time or game night is what I try to always incorporate.

Being a mother is one of the best gifts I could have been given. The fact that two little people love me unconditionally, even when being reprimanded melts my heart daily. I love that I have my children to enhance my life, they are my little companions that give love and laughs for horsie rides on their mommy!


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