From the Editor: Harold Green Presents, Naked

Today, I (Jonnita), got the chance to view Harold Green’s latest visual for his piece, Naked (not what you think), off his EPK, The Day I Lost My Job. Needless to say, the visual made me think.

Instead of associating “Naked” with its usual connotation, Harold offers women and men, a new (or more enlightening) perspective of naked simply being the essence of you.

You don’t have to get naked to take off your cool.

I’m not exactly sure what Harold meant by that statement, when he created the piece, but what I perceived from it is: the cool of a woman, or whomever, is not in what clothes or makeup she wears. Cool is really just a woman at her best, when she feels her best.

Essentially, your coolness radiates from the internal. Nice.

Get your cool on and check out the comical, yet enlightening visual.


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