Father’s Day Tribute: Billy Montgomery, Husband, Father, Photographer, Professor

Humans were not made to live in cages so exercise your freedom.

The story.

While it can be challenging, I love life and believe every day is a gift from God and we should max it out.  So that is what I attempt to do – everyday and in every way.  I am drawn and addicted to creative projects that allow me to tap into and share my talents.  God has made a tremendous investment in me, and at the end of the day God is not going to ask who/what got in our way of progress, but why did we allow it?  So I spend my time around positive people and meaningful projects.

I have been a photo journalist ever since I graduated from undergrad.  However, over the past decade or so, I started realizing that I have a unique way of telling stories with my lens, and began incorporating video and audio to tell stories across multiple platforms. In 2010, I decided to make it an official business. BMP started out as a hobby because I have a fond love for photography. I didn’t attend school for photography, have never taken a class and now, ironically, I now offer media workshops for individuals and organizations.

Family life.

In October, I will be celebrating 20 years of marriage.  When I tell people they raise their eyebrows because I don’t look like it and many of today’s marriage don’t last 20 months, but marriage takes work.  It is not a fantasy where you have frills and thrills everyday, but I still get excited waking up next to my wife and her smile continues to warm my heart.  Our daughter is our honeymoon baby so she has technically been with us since the wedding night.  Being a dad has taught me a lot about sacrifice and learning how to model myself as a man, so she will know what a man should do.  Should she choose to get married, I want to know that we set a good example for her to model.  We are not a perfect family but we serve a perfect God who grants us direction to grow and develop.

On fatherhood.

Being a father is really interesting because my daughter is 19 (July) and, at times, I struggle to let go of her being my little girl.  I guess it is somewhat normal, but I am getting better at it.  However, I also don’t believe in smothering her from the facts of the real world.  My dad wasn’t really active in my life so I have dedicated myself to being there for her special public and private moments.  So far, I haven’t missed any award ceremonies, special events, birthdays, graduations and try not to be too busy where we can’t have real talk. I plan to keep it that way.

Juggling fatherhood & being a husband.

People ask me with my busy schedule, how do I do it all.  The reality is I don’t do it all at the same time.  I like to think of it as prioritizing more than juggling.  I am a husband and father, first and foremost.  I am grateful for a family who understands and supports my passions and I invest in theirs as well.


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