LFL’s Chicago Bliss’, Vejurnae Leal

Vejurnae Leal is quite the multi- tasker. Between the hours of 9am to 5pm, she serves as Marketing Director for Life Brand Marketing, but once she leaves the office, Vejurnae’ is headed to practice to play wide receiver for the Lingerie Football Leaugue’s, Chicago Bliss.

On game day, Toyota Park is filled with all kinds of fans cheering on the ladies of the Chicago Bliss. If you can imagine game day at a Chicago Bears game, then you have correctly figured out the same intensity resides at a Chicago Bliss game.

After wondering for so long what an LFL team was like, Vejurnae’ came along and answered some questions for me. Check it out.

What is it like on the field.
It’s an adrenaline rush.I’ve played sports like basketball. I’ve swam. But stepping unto a football field, it’s some kind of adrenaline that just pushes you on the field. I had never tackled anyone before, so its pretty exciting.

Explain the tackle and being tackled.
[boisterously] I’ve never been tackled. I’m a boss. But tackling someone is like…any form of aggression you ever had in life, you can just take it out on that person. My first hit, I literally lost my breath. It’s a crazy experience.

Explain the uniform.

I wouldn’t call it lingerie per se. It’s more like a swimsuit. It’s a bikini top, and bikini bottoms. And, there are garters for “effect”, but they don’t really do anything. We have shoulder pads, and we wear a helmet; but it’s a hockey helmet.


I’m pretty elusive..I have really good hands, I can catch pretty well. i think I’m a good teammate. I’m not the fastest, it’s something I’ve tried to work on, I’m 26 years old, so I don’t know if I’m getting any faster. I haven’t been playing football that long, so it’s always something to learn.

Balancing day job, and playing on the LFL.
On a day that I’m at work, I get off work..eat for like two minutes- then I’m out the door. One of my teammates comes and scoops me up and we’re headed to Bridgeview. Its’ pretty intense.

Do you wear make-up on game day.

Yes, that’s a requirement. Actually, for this being a sports league, it’s made me be less of a tomboy.

On losing a game.

Ugh. Our first game was the first game we lost. It was a pretty bad feeling. Our coach, he got into us. It was a good game, but we just couldn’t pull it off.

How is it having a male coach.

It’s interesting. They know the game. They are able to coach us up, and tell us the things we need to know. Obviously, when we are dressing or in the locker room, they are not in there. It’s pretty legit. They do their job- they definitely get us to where we need to be at.

Not too different from the NFL, right?

Ready for a game now? Get the team schedule here and check out a game.


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