#SPOTLIGHT: Chicago Designer, ADNARAMFemme

ADNARAMFemme was founded by CEO and Creative Director Maranda Yaameen in 2008. Since then ADNARAMFemme has evolved to catering special events (Black Tie/ After 5). Specializing in tailoring and creating a profound overall look, ADNARAMFemme is quickly growing internationally. Through AdnaramProductions, designer, Mrs. Maranda Yaameen creates an ongoing buzz.

What sets ADNARAMFemme apart from the rest.

● gets clients involved in the overall design process.
● knowing the clients lifestyle is a big deal to me, says Maranda.
● each intricate detail counts! every one person is different. knowing special details about
the client for sure helps to create that custom garment.
● in the design process, Maranda considers the clients skin tone, facial structure and
weight placement to create the perfect garment for the client.

What do you like about the fashion industry.

The fashion industry is a world within itself. It has it’s own language and the industry is forever changing. I am confident as a designer and visionary. I believe for one to be truly happy in this industry they have to find balance between fashion and family.
Not only is Maranda a designer, she is a visionary. I study art history. I do fashion styling, closet editing, fashion show coordinating and lately I’ve been practicing fashion photography says Mrs.Yaameen.

Your goal as a designer.

My goal is to make people happy via my special gifts and talents. I would love to change the world by simply doing what I love. This includes studying fashion, being involved and giving back to my community.

Favorite clothing item and/or accessory to wear.

I don’t have a favorite piece of clothing or jewelry. I have a free spirit. I might wear a Columbia College Chicago hoodie one day and the next day I can wear bracelets all the way up my arm and earrings that drop to the floor.

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