#OnCampus: Columbia College Student & Hip-Hop Artist, PMartt

By: Nick Samuel

“Music needs a positive message kids can be influenced by,” says 20-year-old rapper/recording artist Martial Njiemoun, best known to his fans as “Pmartt.”

This upcoming rapper, also a junior at Columbia College Chicago, said his main priorities are the Lord, his 1-year-old daughter Rayma and his music.

“My family takes religion seriously,” said Pmartt. “As a Christian, I think praying, honoring God everyday and asking for blessings can help you succeed in life.”

Pmartt, who lives on the north side of Chicago, looks up to rapper Lupe Fiasco and said Lupe is able to make a huge fan base while also preaching positivity to the youth.

“His song ‘Bitch Bad’ is a good message to men on how to treat women,” said Pmartt. “I would definitely work with Lupe because he’s versatile and influences a lot of people.”

Like his idol, Pmartt’s goal is to touch and influence his fans with uplifting music.

Originally from west Africa, Pmartt describes his music as something for everybody-nightlife music, love making music and inspirational music.

“Everything I make is from the soul,” said Pmartt. “When you listen to it, you’re gonna learn something from it.”

He said he admires artists such as Akon, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Cassidy, Murder Mook, the Underground Kings, Madonna and Janet and Michael Jackson.

“These people helped shape a path; they really helped me analyze what type of artist I wanna be,” said Pmartt. “I want to appeal to the international market.”

Pmartt’s mixtape, “Ma Premiere Chance: Mixtape,” is available for free download on datpiff.com. His recent single, “Go-Go Girl,” has blown up all over Itunes, Amazonmp3, Playstation 3, Zune and Rhapsody.

Pmartt says the video teaser for “Go-Go Girl” on Youtube will have more than 3,000 views in the next two weeks.

“The work we put in for this song was very effective,” said Pmartt.

He also said Columbia has opened many doors for him as an artist.

“Columbia taught me how to be able to manage myself,” said Pmartt. “The school taught me how to secure my music production and engineering teams.”

Pmartt has collaborated with other Columbia students who are artists such as singer Brittany Thompson (Junior, Contemporary Urban and Popular Music major) and different engineers, photographers and videographers.

“These are the people that make the brand ‘Pmartt,’- that’s the team,” he said.

Pmartt admits there have been times where he felt like giving up on his music because things didn’t go according to plan. He also said, however, that failure is just a motivating factor for him to keep pushing.

“I’m not perfect, I do have my flaws,” said Pmartt. “I have a love for music, so I’ll never stop making it.”

Fans can check out their favorite artist’s video blogs called “Pmartt tv vblogs” on Youtube and also anticipate an EP to be released soon. Chicago fans can also catch him performing at the “Stop the Violence” campaign on Nov. 8th at 618 S. Michigan at Columbia College.

Nick Samuel is a journalism grad student at Columbia College Chicago. His writing passion includes music- whether it be concerts, album reviews, or artist spotlights.


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