Sahaj Shah, 20, started his DJing adventure eight years ago at the mild age of 12 and now, Shah, best known as DJ Ruckiss, has put himself on the radar by branding his name and image to make the next big move.

Talking about a big move, Ruckiss said he plans on changing his stage name to “Mister Shaw” in early 2013 and that the change symbolizes rebirth of a new artist (himself) that lives through his past success.

“The name really means alot to me because the ‘Mister’ represents the growth I have achieved on my own to bring myself from my teen years to where I am now as the “Shaw” is the stage representation of my last name,” says Ruckiss.

“Change is epic, and whole world keeps changing, but this change for me is one that will hopefully come with a lot of success and positive blessings from my followers, fans, and family,” added Ruckiss. The name change will take place in early January as Ruckiss will launch the name publicly to everyone that keeps up with him.

Ruckiss, junior and Graphic Design major at Columbia College, said he has always been interested in music. This Chicago native is one of a Hindu, Indian descent. He began playing the tabla, which is an Indian percussion instrument, as well as the piano and the drums in his early childhood years. At the age of 12, he picked up the talent of DJ-ING.

Ruckiss said he learned the art without any help but later then looked up to DJ’s such as DJ Flipside, DJ Badboy Bill, DJ Vice, Dj AM, Dj Drama, Dj Capri and many more.

“Anytime these DJs would come on the radio, I would get out a pen and write down all of the blends they do from song to song,” said Ruckiss. “I used that as a tool to grow my skills.”

After many opportunities, in the Summer of 2012, Ruckiss participated in a B96 DJ battle hosted by Boom Entertainment and DJ Denon. Out of five finalists, he ranked as the number 2 DJ in Chicago, behind a great talent DJ Simone.

“Yeah I did not come first, but at the time on stage, it was humbling to get the opportunity to make it to the finals and I made the most of it.” said Ruckiss. “I can assure you I will be back, and this time, I’m going for that win,” he then later added.

Ashika Sachdev, who is the official artist for Ruckiss, got a great launch to her career in 2010 as she placed as a finalist on the American Idol Series. This 17-year-old also recently recorded five demos with producing duo, The Midi Mafia, and is now ready to release her first single in the beginning of the new year.

“Her voice has carried her to a lot of opportunities and it will continue to do so,” said Ruckiss. “As of now, I’m building her fanbase, and the response has been great. It’s just a matter of time until we hit the stage rocking a crowd,” he added.

Ruckiss said her new single, which is unnamed for now, will be released by the end of the year. He also said Ashika, who also comes from an Indian descent, has been introduced to artists Jay Sean, Jennifer Lopez, Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey.

“We’re trying to use our culture and heritage as a unique factor in this game as you don’t see a lot of it,” said Ruckiss. “I think we have the upper hand.”

Ruckiss, who attended the Music Industry Conference held at Columbia College, said he wanted to learn from the conference how to push himself and his artist in the right direction. He added that Melissa Victor, vice president of Media/Artist Relations at Def Jam Records and publicist for Pop sensation Justin Bieber, was the main person he wanted to get feedback from, in which he did, discussing in a one-on-one conversation that led to great advice.

“It was great to talk to Melissa, as she cleared up many questions I had about my future goals,” said Ruckiss.

He also said he talked to the duo production team “Da Internz,” who have produced hits such as Big Sean’s “A$$,” and Rihanna’s “Birthday Cake.” Ruckiss spoke with one member of the group named Kosine on da beat who praised Ruckiss for his dedication to music.

“He gave me good advice on how to get in the production game and where to take my DJing skills now,” said Ruckiss.

“All of this is just the beginning, and a lot of game still left. I keep reminding myself to stay humble in the process because I have promised myself to give back to those who have given me all the opportunities to get me to where I am now,” ended Ruckiss.


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