#CHECK-IN: Are You Feeling RHOA New Season?

By: Lisa Brown

The housewives are back! I have been awaiting their return ever since season
4 ended. One thing I’m thrilled about is the fact that Bravo didn’t bring Marlo
Hampton back. I’m sorry but she was working my last nerves! That heifer had
to go! Anyhoo, the first show started off with NeNe Leakes and her ex-hubby,
Greg in her kitchen talking. Basically Greg really wants her back and told her
he takes full responsibility and plans on getting his family back together again.
NeNe is on board with that plan and is also focusing on Greg at the moment.

I was wondering what was going to happen. You know last season she had her
Italian “boyfriend” buying her all these lavish expensive gifts. She didn’t seem
as if she was really feeling him though, at least not like he was feeling her.
She was feeling those shoes with the red bottoms and that watch he gave her,
okay! Ever since Celebrity Apprentice, NeNe has been trying to turn a new leaf
and become this brand new classy chick.

I can’t say that’s a bad thing either, I mean let’s face it, she needed
a personality makeover. She was getting way too ratchet and messy!
Sometimes, you have to calm the ghetto hoodrat act down in order to hang
with certain crowds and get to certain levels. Hollywood doesn’t cater to
hoodrats. Sorry, just saying. *Shrugs* So Ms. Leakes is supposed to be starring
on another show, “The New Normal.” She was on “Glee.” I think she’s still on

Kandi is dating now. She and new man, Todd have been together for a year
now. They met last season on the girls’ last day in Africa. They seem to be
right for each other so far so I just hope it lasts. They both have daughters
from previous relationships and plan on having a son together soon after
they’re married. So good luck to them. They are real cute together!

Kandi also purchased a brand new mansion. Kim was kind of being a little
hater though, when she and Sweetie came for a visit. She was throwing bits
of shade here and there. For one thing, she thought Kandi lived in the ghetto,
because Sweetie told her that. However, Kandi figured that Kim was just
mad because now Kandi has her dream home, and Kim is about to be homeless.

That’s right; you read correctly, Kim and Kroy are being evicted. Right now
they are in the process of trying to find someplace else to call home. I think that
really sucks because they’ve gotten used to the home, and now they have another baby on the way. Hopefully they get situated soon.

There’s a new girl on the show now, Kenya Moore. Kenya Moore is a famous
model and actress. I  have to tell you, already from what I’ve seen, she is not my favorite. She reminds me of  NeNe or Marlo- like she will be this season’s
Mean Girl.  Jet magazine held a casting call for the next Jet
Beauty of the Week at Cynthia’s model agency, so Cynthia invited Kenya to judge since Kenya has had experience before.

Now, to be a Jet Beauty is drastically different than auditioning to be
a regular model. Jet Beauties usually have good looks, and sexy bodies.
They also have a lot of junk in the trunk. Badonkadonks are a must. Personally,
I find that to be awesome, because it represents a more realistic view
on beauty.

Anyway, this chick Kenya kept insulting every single girl that walked in there.
She was just beyond rude. Cynthia was trying to explain that they are not
there to tear anyone down, but Kenya was in her own world. She was just ruthless and annoying. She was even making the Jet magazine woman uncomfortable. I like how Cynthia took control and had a backbone- usually she is pretty spineless. She has a new attitude this season. Let’s hope it sticks with her.

If you did not see the first episode yet, you can catch it on Hulu.com. Just click here.

Lisa Brown is a magazine journalism student at Columbia College Chicago.  In addition to journalism, she also writes fiction, penning poems, stories and songs.


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