#SPOTLIGHT: Aaron Christmon, Smart Dress

Aaron Christmon- Founder of Smart Dress

Smart Dress- Personal Shopping, Wardrobe Styling, Closet Re-Organization

When was Smart Dress founded.
I founded Smart Dress in 2010. Having a strong passion and interest in the fashion industry, I used my experience from high-end retailers such as: Barney’s New York to not only create looks that are timeless, but convert them into a household name. Smart Dress continues to soar with multiple projects, fashion shows, and celebrity clients.

Describe your Company.
Graduating from Ordinary to Magnificent“.  I created Smart Dress with this basic motto in mind. My company is broken down into tiers which include promoting, enriching, educating, and influencing. Providing the “best of services” allows me to build and maintain strong client relationships. Everything from one-on-one styling, closet reorganization, hosting events, fashion shows, and coaching makes up the foundation for the Smart Dress brand.

What do I like about the fashion industry.
I love that fashion is art in itself. It’s constantly changing and reflecting how people feel and the direction they want to go. The industry is made up of so many designers, so there’s so much to see and understand. But if I had to pick my favorite part about the industry, it would be “trends”. The reason I say this is because, it’s actually the backbone that keeps the industry moving. What’s “in” or “out” will always be the fun factor. I think it keeps us all motivated to stay on top and up to date on the latest must haves.

What is your goal as a stylist.
My goal as a stylist is to create a household name for Smart Dress. With that being said; I want people to know that they can not only depend on me, but trust me as well.  As a stylist that grows and feeds from the industry I want to be their go-to-guy for every event and occasion they need a stylist for!

Favorite clothing piece and accessory.
My favorite piece of clothing would have to be a sports jacket or blazer. Topping off a look with this is essential and prompts you for just about any occasion. My favorite accessory for man or woman would definitely be a time piece. This not only adds the jewelry factor to your look, but in some cases it shows that you are aware of time and it exudes professionalism.

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