#SPOTLIGHT: Microphone Jordan

By: Nick Samuel

Jordan Berry, best known as Microphone Jordan, is a twenty- two year old, Journalism major at Columbia College Chicago.

 What made you start rapping.
I always had a love for the music. Music was always in the household. I started creating rhymes and it felt amazing. I started rapping when I was seven. I looked up to my big brother because he was a rapper. I used to see him writing in his composition notebook. He did graffiti and all of that. The basic elements of hip hop-The DJing, graffiti, breaking dancing-I really got all of that through him.

What current mixtapes or EP’s do you have available.
The current EP I have out is the Chill EP, it’s available online. If you type in “Microphone Jordan” on Google, my Youtube page will pop up and you can download it from there. You can also download it from Twitter page, which is ”Rollwitawinna.”

 Describe your last performance.
Recently, I performed at an “Increase the Peace, Cease the Violence” event held at Columbia College Nov. 8th. The event was about spreading the love. There’s been a lot of negative activity happening in Chicago and that activity is detrimental to our community. We don’t need that going on. We need our black people to be like how they were on the South Side during the Civil Rights Movement-prosperous and positive.

Did you attend the Music Industry Conference held at Columbia College on Nov. 2nd.
Yes I did, it was a great event. I got to meet the duo production team Da Internz and Def Jam publicist Melissa Victor. It was nice meeting people who are employees in the industry that you want to be in and get their perspective on what it’s like to work in the industry. One of the music industry professionals that were at the event actually went to Columbia- that accredits the Columbia.

Describe a moment where you felt like giving up on rap.

Honestly, I never really felt like giving up on rap. I’ve been doing it for so long. I’ll always love music so I’ll never give it up. I love music because I can express myself. Some people dance, sing, poetry, etc. to express themselves. I express myself through my music.

Check out Microphone Jordan’s track, Chill.

Get more of Microphone Jordan, here.

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