Give us some background information about yourself.
My name is John Baker, best known as JBake to my fans. I’m 22 and a local artist out of Chicago. I’m a rapper, but I’ve directed movies as well. I’ve been rapping since I was 12.

What artists did you look up to when you were coming up.
I looked up to Jay-Z, Kanye, and Method Man. In music, it’s all about the way you carry yourself. I appreciate their art and what they brought to the table; they are all inspirational.  I liked watching those guys in their interviews be themselves; that’s the type of artist I am.

Upcoming projects/mixtapes are you working on.
I’m currently working on a new project called “Drunk words, sober thoughts,” that can be downloaded on my website j-bake.com. The project is coming along good; fans can expect a release date early next year.

Tell us about your record label.
The name of my label is “Para Troop Nation” and it was established in 2010. There’s a lot of guys I grew up with on the label. As you get older, you get more and more serious about music. It just fit for us and we ran with it.

What artists have you collaborated with.
I’ve been working with “P da great.” He produced a number of projects. It’s so easy for me and him to work together. We collaborated on songs such as “Live,” “On the way home” and “ Retribution.”

You direct videos too.
I’ve directed all of my videos, ten of which have been released. I’ve been directing a couple of other local artists’ videos as well such as Moet Grid Gang, Mr. Alexander and Chicago rapper, Amina Doryn. I’ve been getting so busy I think I might do a movie.

What is your definition of an artist.
Someone who can use whatever it is they’re using to express their disposition of life to the world.

Interviewed by Nick Samuel

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