What’s Your New Year’s Resolution?

By: Lisa Brown

Christmas has come and gone for 2012. In just a few days, a brand new year will
be among us. How does it feel to be at this point again? What are you thinking
about now? Have you thought back on 2012 and asked yourself, ‘have I truly
done everything I set out to do?’ A lot of folks have special plans in the making
for the Eve of New Years. I, myself am planning on bringing in the New Year with
the family, my mom and little brother. That’s my tradition and I love it. I can’t
think of anywhere else I’d rather be on New Year’s Eve. We usually don’t have a
regular dinner; instead we have things like chicken wings, mozzarella sticks, chips
and dips, cole slaw or potato salad, candy, cookies, pop, etc. It’s so much fun! We
watch the countdown shows, I find them to be quite exciting, especially the one
in Times Square in New York.

I wonder what it’s like to actually be there, but then again I wonder how
comfortable it would be. You’re in the cold, standing for a while, with a bunch of
people. Hmm…not sure if that’s my thing exactl,y but trying it once wouldn’t kill me.
One of the biggest deals of the New Year is of course, the resolution list. Everyone
is so anxious about making a new list of goals for the New Year and promising
themselves that things will be different this time around. The top goal on a lot of
people’s list is to lose weight. Weight loss is also the top failed resolution. Sorry,
but it has to be said. I think people get all excited because of the spirit that a
new year brings and then once the pomp and circumstance has ended, they’re
left with these goals that now have to actually be achieved. Some are just all talk
and no action in the first place and then others realize things take a lot of work to
accomplish and you have to work hard. Don’t get me wrong, however, I’m not
being a wet blanket in any way, I was just thinking out loud.

Honestly, weight loss was my last year’s resolution and this year, it is as well. This
year is different because I’m only trying to complete my weight loss journey. I did
manage to start last year and continue and actually lose. I lost a total of twenty-
three pounds! I was so ecstatic when I found out. I knew it was working because
my body was toning up nicely. My mom and I are members at Planet Fitness
gym. I was so excited that we did what we were said we were going to do and
join a gym. It was great deal too; we joined at only $1 down. Now that’s a great
deal! If you don’t join at that rate, I wonder how serious you are about getting fit.
What gym you know of that’s actually that affordable? We only pay $10 a month.
C’mon now, I’m still in shock. The gym is really nice too. Everything is state-of-
the-art. They have a lot of cool machines, a comfortable and clean locker room
area with a shower of course. It’s a lovely experience; I have grown to enjoy it. I
actually like going to the gym. It’s funny because even if I think I don’t want to be
bothered, once we get over there I’m always glad we came. I have a lot of fun just
doing my workout and focusing on me.

I’m also thinking of trying a boxing class and Zumba as well. There’s a place that
does Zumba not far from my house. So, I think definitely this year, I see myself
completing the weight loss goal I set. I’m so ecstatic! My other resolutions are
getting my career started ASAP, getting a car, hanging out with the girls more and
definitely starting a relationship so I can start my family soon. Did I mention that
this year I completed one of my biggest goals of all? I graduated with a Bachelors
of Arts degree in magazine journalism!!! I can’t even put into words how honored,
happy and satisfied I felt. I was at Columbia College Chicago for six years, and
finally it’s over. I did it! The ceremony is this coming May. I can’t wait to walk
across that stage. I just feel so accomplished right now. My education process is
done at the moment. So now, I can go into 2013 with a new attitude and outlook
on my life – ready to achieve my new goals that I have set for myself.

It feels so surreal at times. One day I was just a college freshman, straight out of
high school, going into a world of unknowns that I had no idea about. God, I was
extra shy. And now, I’ve grown into a very intelligent, industrious and confident
woman, ready to take on the world. I really feel so powerful, and shocked at
how quickly this day came. The truth of the matter is you really can do anything
you set out to do. Nobody can stop you if you don’t let them. There have been so
many times where I’ve wondered what I was going to do next, how am I going to
solve these little problems, or why are all these stumbling blocks
popping up in my way? But, I did eventually get through. One day you look up and
realize that you have surpassed all of that crap that was bringing you down. It’s
funny isn’t it? I don’t know about you guys, but I am too ready for this New Year’s
arrival. I hope all of you have made some excellent resolutions and are already
working to make them happen.


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