Artist on the Watch: Sterling Muzik


On his way to becoming a successful soul and R&B artist, Sterling Morse, aka, Sterling Muzik may be new to the music industry, but is no stranger to the world of music itself.  With a new single, Thicka than a Snicka, on iTunes, Sterling Musik is ready to show the world why timing is everything, when creating music.

Where are you from originally.
SM: I’m from Chester, Pennsylvania, which is outside of Philadelphia. I moved away at a young age and I was raised in Washington, D.C.

What’s the inspiration behind your single, Thicka than a Snicka.
SM: My love for thick women. (Laughs) I guess it’s a tribute to them.

Is it available on iTunes just yet, how are the sales going so far.
SM: Yes it’s on iTunes. They’re going pretty well, especially after the video came out. I’m getting a lot of good responses.

Where did you shoot the video.
SM: It was shot in Washington, D.C. and in Silver Springs, Maryland.


How did you decide the location and the theme of the video.
SM: Me and the director kind of brainstormed and tried to come up with something classy. When some people hear the title, ‘Thick than a Snicka,’ they think it’s some booty shaking song, until they hear it (laughs).  We just wanted to do something that matched the song. It’s funny, because the women always say, ‘oh, that was a cute video’, and the guys say, ‘hey, I love the video because of the women’.

How did you cast women for the video.
SM: That was actually my second video so far, and what I hear from a lot of other artists and directors, is something [unexpected] always happens; like someone might not show up. At the last minute, the people that I originally had in the video, bailed out, so one of the girls was actually a friend of my sister’s. Another girl was actually someone I knew for maybe about five or six years. Then the main girl is actually an established model in the D.C. area, so I actually hired her.

Have you met any big names in the industry yet.
SM: Yea, I’ve actually met Kenny Lattimore. I met my maternal, grandfather’s family for the first time a few years ago and found out he was in [the industry]-that’s how I found out I came from a musical family. I knew I came from a musical family on my father’s side, but when I met my grandfather’s side, all of them are musicians. I’m like, ‘wow’, it’s almost like I was destined for that. I’ve met Pharell, Patti LaBelle and Avery Sunshine a few months ago. She’s actually from my hometown. What I like doing, is going to these really small venues where you can actually have access to these people. I go and after the show I talk to them and meet them.

So, where do you usually draw inspiration from when you write songs.
SM: Sometimes from personal experiences- [it] depends on what I’m actually going through in my life, or what other people are going through.  People that are close to me will tell you I’ll have conversations with them and then I’m like, ‘hmm…that would be a good song.’ A song will just come out of nowhere. Actually, for Thicka Than a Snicka, I was in Atlanta in a club, and this woman walked past [me].  She was very voluptuous, and she had on a skin tight body suit- all the men, their eyes are big, they’re drooling, you know. I heard a guy say to her, ‘girl you are thicker than a Snicker (laughs).’ I literally wrote that song on a napkin at the club that night.

Wow, that’s awesome! Do you have an album on the way.
SM: I have a couple of things on the way. The first week of January, I’m shooting a mini movie/ music video. Also, I have a mixtape coming out, so I’m actually going to have a release party in February.  In the spring, I have an album that’s coming out, which is actually dedicated to the woman that I’m with. That’s an example of my music being influenced by what I’m going through, because the concept of my album actually changed. I [have] been working on my album for maybe three years now.  My album is called, “Angel.” Once the album drops, I’m going to be out promoting that really hard,  and trying to get some performances.  My goal for this coming year [is] to get out there, and really travel around performing [my] music.

Check out more of Sterling Musik, here.


Interviewed by Lisa Brown


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