#TURNTUP: Real Housewives of Atlanta Season Recap

I hope you guys have been tuning into this season of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” I mean, it has been so exciting, if I say so myself! Last season was pretty blah in my opinion. It was all right, but there wasn’t enough going on to keep you entirely super interested. But this season is really bringing the drama that we all love and expect. The thing about the RHOA is that yes, they have drama but it’s somewhat different than Basketball Wives of Miami or L.A. For example, the housewives seem to have this sort of class that the BBW don’t necessarily possess. The housewives are shady and yes there have been a few almost physical altercations, but it’s on an entirely different level than the basketball wives. If you really pay attention, you will notice that.

I want to talk about the trip to Anguilla. So this year, the trip was a little different because instead of just the ladies only, they decided to make it a couple’s thing. Now, Cynthia was truly on point with that idea. Anytime you get a bunch of chicks together
there’s always something that just has to go awry. I don’t know what it is about us women; we’re just extra catty for no reason sometimes. I think that comes from insecurities and jealousy. We’re like little 15-year-old girls in high school. Grow up, like forreal! Sometimes mixing all that estrogen together can make for real hormonally funky atmosphere. A little testosterone does the trick sometimes. Men are by nature, less emotional and are more likely to brush things off; whereas we hold on longer to nothing. They can have a disagreement with another man and then be
cool with him a few weeks later. They can have a beer and keep it moving.


With us, we get into with a chick and it’s like a whole dramatic event. Every time we see her, we want to curse her out, fight or just behave immaturely and for what? All that ghetto drama just raises your blood pressure, and makes you mentally sick. It’s so not worth it. Don’t get me wrong however; I did not say all Black women behave this way. I don’t. I just feel this is what is displayed on these reality shows all too often. We see this in everyday life too sometimes. Peter and Apollo are a great example of how
men deal with drama as opposed to women. They were about to fight each other last season, this season they’re real tight, hanging out and everything. See what I mean?

But I digress, back to Anguilla. So it started off really nice, the couples were spending a lot of time together, having dinner and doing different activities. It was really sweet. The main center of attention on the trip seemed to be Miss USA aka Kenya Moore and her “boyfriend,” Walter. Kenya wanted everyone to believe that she and Walter had something special. It turns out, it was all a charade that she had come up with and
they agreed to [it] before the show. Walter did not have Kenya’s back at all. He was very rude and shady about the whole thing. He just seemed to be getting a kick out of making her look stupid and humiliating her. He lied and got her hopes up by telling her, “Hey, we got three more days here, never know what might happen. Anything is possible.” That was in reference to her wanting him to propose to her.


Kenya is 40-years- old and really wants a husband and a child. Walter, however had no intention of ever marrying her. They dated years ago and were just friends, but he’s just not that into her apparently! Everyone else saw that on the trip, but she seemed to be ignoring all the red flags. She just seemed jealous and hurt whenever couple
activities were happening. This is especially true when she found out that Peter was renewing his wedding vowels to Cynthia. It was a surprise for Cynthia. By the way, that was one of my favorite parts about the trip. It was so lovely; Peter cried! He was literally crying and telling Cynthia how much he loved her. It was absolutely beautiful.

Kenya was saying how she really wished that was her instead. NeNe was really honest with Kenya about how she felt and the observations she made about her and Walter’s supposed relationship. She basically told her, “You guys don’t seem like a real couple to me.” She was just saying what everyone else was thinking, and didn’t want to say out loud. Kenya got defensive of course. Now, the fact that there was something majorly off about those two was so apparent, when they were all out dancing around having fun. Kenya was flirting with everybody’s man shaking her big booty and making it clap on the men. Walter was just sitting there looking oblivious the whole time! This man said nothing. He didn’t seem to care. Then Kenya had the nerve to flirt
with Apollo and ask Phaedra in front of everybody, if she could give Apollo a birthday gift that involved two of her friends, which two would it be?

Now, if that ain’t rude, I don’t know what is. How inappropriate. Phaedra said, “Girl, gone get out my face with that bullsh*t.” I couldn’t help but laugh. I found that highly amusing. I think Kenya was just doing it out of pain; she was just drowning in her emotions and having a slightly miserable time around all these loving couples. She was the black sheep, the lonely black sheep actually. Imagine how you would feel, you
got this guy who doesn’t care for you the way you want him to. He’s spinning lies back and forth, messing with your head. It’s nerve-wrecking! I can totally understand what she was going through. I just feel, she should not have ever invited him on the show or the trip. She could’ve asked Kandi or Phaedra about if they know any single men who might be interested. Why lie? If you’re single, you’re single, just be real about it.

I’m single myself at the moment, but I don’t think I’d ever lie about having a relationship to my friends. So aside from her troubles with Walter, Kenya gets into [it]
with Porscha. It was after the vow renewal ceremony and all the men were inside the house. The women were outside drinking and hanging out. Porscha was telling Kenya how nice she seemed on the trip and how she seems like a different person. Kenya said sometimes you just have to warm up to someone. Then NeNe butts in, and asked them how did they even fall out, what really happened? Why did she do that? So Porscha goes for it and starts talking about it and Kenya is not feeling it. Then Porscha gets mad because Kenya is not interested in discussing it so she calls her a non-factor. That sets Kenya off and she calls her the “b” word a few times. Porscha calls her a tramp, after Kenya mentions Porscha has a “tramp stamp” on her back. And that’s when Kenya went nuts and wants to hit her. NeNe and the other ladies had to walk her away to breathe. It was a huge mess really. But what are the housewives without a little hoodrat drama sometimes? I cannot wait to seen what happens next week. I am so thrilled and ready for the reunion show as well; I just know it’s going to be popping!

Lisa Brown


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