Are You Feeling TLC’s The Sisterhood?

So I just started watching the premiere season of this new show on the TLC
network, called, “The Sisterhood.” The show comes on every Tuesday night
at 8 p.m. The premise of the show is centered around five preacher’s wives in
various churches around Atlanta, Georgia. I have to say, I love this so far! It’s very
intriguing and really invites you into another world of reality television. I mean,
who would think a show about first ladies of churches would really stand
out. It’s funny there’s a show like this one out now, because I think any church
goer has wondered at some point about the real life; and what it really takes to
be a first lady. It’s not an easy role, I can tell you that much. There are high and low points. I have some personal experience with the life of a first lady because my [maternal] grandmother was a first lady! That’s right, I am the granddaughter of a pastor. That’s so cool, now that I’m thinking about it. I often wonder could I myself be a first lady. Maybe, there are difficulties and challenges, but I can just follow in my granny’s footsteps.

The first wife introduced is a pretty Dominican lady named Christina, Murray married to Anthony Murray. They have two beautiful daughters. They’re a pretty young
couple actually, which I think really makes you look at the image of a “first lady”
in another light. Usually when we say first lady, we think older woman with a
stylish suit and huge hat. Christina and Anthony are a breath of fresh air. They are
so open. They were even having “the talk” with their daughters. A pastor and a
first lady talking about sex openly with their children…where they do that at? I
mean, he even had a banana, demonstrating to the girls the correct way to put on
a condom and he explained how he contracted STDs when he was younger
from sexual irresponsibility. What dad you know, let alone a minister that actually
talks that openly to his DAUGHTERS about sex?!? Not the norm is it? I thoroughly
enjoyed it though. I think more parents can take a lesson from them when it
comes to kids and sex discussions. His daughters were beyond freaked out, but I
think they will appreciate it one day.


The next couple is Tara and Brian Lewis. The Lewis’ are an interracial couple, Tara
is black and Brian is Jewish. Unfortunately both of their families were not very
accepting of the union and refused to see their own grandchildren. How horrific is
that? What a shame? Tara is extremely physically attractive, she loves the gym! In
fact, that’s where she and Brian met. They always work out together. Their story is, they were somehow “fired” after six weeks at their last church. Needless to
say, the other couples found this information fishy and odd, so I know we’re going
to find out what really happened later on in the season.

Ivy Couch is married to her husband, Mark, used to be a part of the singing, girl group, Xscape. I was shocked when she said that, because I had no idea at all. They’re church congregation is a mix of working class and unemployed. They seem like an ordinary middle class family. They have one son so far who’s still a baby, but Ivy made it clear last episode that she wants more kids very soon. Mark isn’t really on board with that at the moment because he feels they’re struggling with the one kid they already have- but Ivy doesn’t care. I actually like a woman like that, who knows what she wants, when it comes to children. I also love this couple because they are very into their sex life. They have a good sex life; they’re kind of kinky and experimental as well. Mark bought a pair of handcuffs. I was like, “no he didn’t.” You gotta love it!

Domonique and Brian Scott had to close their church, because they were
struggling to pay household and the church’s bills. This happened after the
membership dwindled. Domonique owns her own clothing boutique, the Queen
Maker. They have four children. The fact that they had to close the doors of their
church is really killing them, and it seems to have left a dark cloud over them.
However, the fact that they’re focused on their marriage and making it work is
admirable. Having a strong marriage will lead them to being able to reopen their

So, all the couples met up to spend some time together at Christina and
Anthony’s home. Everything was going pretty well, until Tara and Brian started
talking. They were telling way too much personal business about themselves
to strangers and the couples seemed uncomfortable with that. Brian says
something weird about you haven’t been married until the police come to your
house. Now, that threw everyone off, including me. Then I had to think about
what he was saying. That was inappropriate to say. What was he thinking? They
were just the odd couple in general. Anthony actually asked Brian what made him
want to be with a woman outside his race? Now, isn’t that the pot calling the kettle
black? Christina is Dominican and he’s black. So then Brian says something weird again about Jews being the first black people.

He was just trying way too hard to fit in with all these people of color. I know it
had to be hard being the only white person there, but trying to be cool was not working. That’s never a good idea to do. Just be yourself, no matter what race you are.

So, towards the end, the ladies were over Domonique’s house. Tara is
talking, and it sort of reminds you of a preacher preaching a sermon. She kept
spitting all these bible verses at the ladies. So Ivy and Domonique called her out
on that, and told her that she doesn’t need to spit scripture at them, because they already know the word. Also, since she’s an evangelist, she might run across people who don’t necessarily know the bible like that; so it’s a bad idea to come off tossing scriptures out, assuming they know. Tara is very stubborn and close-minded. That chick thinks she knows everything. She strikes me as one of those irritating Christians, who feel they are God’s favorite, they feel they can do no wrong, and you can’t tell them anything. She and Domonique are clashing already. I can tell they will normally be the center of the drama on the show, and I can’t wait to see what goes down. Domonique is a Christian woman, but she’s been through very low points in her life before finding Jesus and she keeps it real. If you saw the way she looked at Tara, you could tell she was all on her nerves. But overall, I did enjoy this first episode and I hope you guys tune in as well! Check out the trailer below to get a sample of the season.

Lisa Brown

Sisterhood Trailer


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