#Online Dating: Is It Really Worth It?

So we’re officially in the middle of the first month of the New Year. Pretty soon,
February will be approaching and Valentine’s Day will be among us once again.
What are your plans for this year? Have you found that special someone yet? Are
you planning on simply having a date that day? Are you spending time with your
friends instead? Or, will you be at home watching your favorite romantic drama
of all time and cuddling up with your two ol’ pals, Ben and Jerry? Valentine’s
Day doesn’t matter a lot to some people, being that it seems to be a man-made
holiday for candy companies and Hallmark to make profit from. You have to
admit, they do make a significant amount of money on Valentine’s. I also believe
that love towards your significant other should be shown throughout the year
and not just on the 14th of February. Nevertheless, there’s something so magical
about that particular day.

It reminds me of one of my favorite Chris Brown songs, “With You.” God, I can’t
explain how much I really love that song. It’s so sweet and pretty, I’d love for
a guy to feel that way towards me. The song, to me, represents the spirit of
Valentine’s Day. This is sort of evident in the lyric, “The hearts all over the world
tonight, said the hearts all over the world tonight, they need they boo, they gotta
see they boo…” Gosh, it just gets me all gooey inside. Now, my best friend hates
the song and is annoyed by that particular part. I actually have been listening to
that song recently. I always get an image in my head of happy couples out on
a cold winter night, it’s lightly snowing and everyone is walking around smiling
and just enjoying being together. I love it! I swear I want and need that to be
me this Valentine’s Day. I remember a few years ago, me and the girls decided
to have a ladies’ night on Valentine’s Day. Needless to say, we did have a lot of
fun together. We went up north. I swear that night; the hearts were all over the
world. You could just hear the song playing in your head. I mean it was couples
everywhere, walking and holding hands, probably making plans. Yes I threw that
last part in because it sounds good, makes sense and it rhymes.

Love was definitely in the air that night. Valentine’s Day is certainly a huge deal
and so many people go out of their way to have some sort of date on that night.
This is especially so for women. We want to feel special and wanted. What
woman doesn’t want to be treated like a goddess? I have to admit I get a little
jealous when I see women on the train with the big heart shaped balloons, teddy
bears and flowers. It’s so romantic. Wanting a date or having a boyfriend to spend time with on Valentine’s Day, Sweetest Day or any day in the year is one thing,
but how do you get to the point of obtaining what it is you want?

Nowadays, the online dating has literally taken over and has become
more mainstream. Some of the more popular sites include Match.com,
Plentyoffish.com, eHarmony.com, BlackPeopleMeet.com and OKCupid.com.
OKCupid has been getting lots of attention lately, one reason being that it is free.
You can find the love of your life anywhere as well. You just have to be open.
The only thing an online site does is set you up and you go from there. OKCupid
works just like that. The founder, Sam Yagan, created the site in 2004. The site is
run by a bunch of mathematicians who really know nothing about dating. Sounds
weird huh? However, it’s quite genius. Yagan and his team have come up with
a method of using algorithms to find digital matches for its 7 million members,
which is based on questions they have answered on the site. Essentially, the more
questions you answer, the easier it is to narrow your searches down. It helps you
to figure out who is a better match for you.

You must take the time to get to know anyone you meet, no matter how you
encountered them. Giving people a chance to prove themselves is key and not
over trusting is smart. Yagan says there have been marriages and relationships
that have happened from OKCupid. The best part about it is that you don’t
have to worry about wasting money and not being successful. They are always receiving baby pictures and wedding invites as well, which I find is very neat.
Check out an interview post with Sam Yagan on the Huffington Post site called,
“On Dating” with Andrea Syrtash. Just click the link below!

On Dating, Sam Yagan

Lisa Brown


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