#Artist to Watch: Yung Star

So tell me about Yung Star, how did you come up with the name.
My Name is Damontae aka Yung Star, born and raised on the west side of Chicago. I’m a teen rap artist, been rapping for three years now, and writing since the age of seven. How I came up with my name…I figured, I wanted to be a star and I’m young, so I said what a great name for me, Yung Star. I started rapping in grammar school, by writing poems and performing them during chapel; until one day I decided to rap some of my poems and making positive raps that I could perform during school. At that moment I knew I wanted to be a Rapper.

How old are you.
[I am] sixteen years old.

What grade are you in school.
Tenth grade

What do you rap about.
I started rapping mainly about dance music to give everyone excitement, and to see smiles on everyone’s face enjoying my music. Now I rap about all things: positive music that I can perform during Church and events for kids, fame and fortune, things us kids would like to have one day, real life situations gangs, drugs or violence.

How do you come up with ideas for your songs.
It just comes to my mind after hearing the beat. At that moment, I can feel if the beat is a dance track or serious track, then I know which way to go with it- but sometimes I do use real life situations that happen around me.


Do you feel you are competing with other artists your age, and the drill music movement.

No I feel like I’m my own competition. Every time I make a song, I make sure the next song is better than the one before. I do like drill music, as long as you have great lyrics to out shine the track you are using. You don’t want your track better then what you are rapping about, because people tune out then.

As a teen artist do you think there is pressure to create music that promotes violence.
I did feel at one point that it was pressure, because all of the people that are rapping about all the wrong things, labels are picking them up- but [the ones] that are keeping it positive, get overlooked. It’s not fair, but my mom always remind me to continue doing what I do and love the right way and someone will one day see me shine.

What was it like performing in Times Square.
It was the best time of my life to see so many people standing around, watching me, someone they never met, performing in a place, I do not even live. I really felt like a star!

So, who is apart of the Yung Star team.
My team and camp only consists of three people. My mom is my Manager, she does everything for me ,and I love her so much for supporting my dream.  My road manager is also my mom’s assistant. They put their heads together to promote my music to everyone, all day, everyday- from emails, [to] finding me shows and traveling everywhere with me. Then there is my sister, she is my right hand. I make sure she hears all my raps, before I take them to my mom. Love my sis Vicky.

How do you balance being a student and a rap artist.
Being both is very, very hard. I’m constantly thinking all the time. Keeping my grades up is a challenge, so I always make sure I go to tutoring to get help with tests and homework that I have missed,after being absent for a show. You really have to be strong to be in school and an artist.

What is your goal as an artist.
My goal as an artist, is to sign with a major label, stay with that label, and keep everyone listening to my music 10-20 years from now.

What is it like performing.
Performing is very exciting. I really get pumped up, before I go on stage, I just become so happy. A lot of people ask do I get nervous, and the answer to that is no. I become the opposite- very excited. What I like most, is seeing all the fans screaming and smiling to my music.

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