#CHI-TOWN: Aaja Corinne Presents She’s in Color, A Social Affair


Meet Aaja Corinne, philanthropist, fashion stylist, and the face behind, Aaja Corinne The Brand. This twenty something, renaissance, is blazing her trail throughout Chicago with her latest campaign, She’s In Color. With the desire to inspire women all over, Aaja Corinne combines beauty and brains, to create a message, that both really do go hand in hand. While all of the women of She’s In Color represent beauty, each woman is a walking billboard of ambition, intelligence, and the ability to be the best version of herself.

What is the She’s in Color campaign.

She’s In Color emphasizes the dynamic aspects of every woman through her personal manifesto and vibrant photography. This women’s empowerment movement fosters a community of strength and perseverance and encourages women to inspire through sharing, influence by doing good and impact by paying it forward. The campaign also dispels the negative images of women in media today by replacing them with positive, impactful and productive displays of women.

I picked four women for two publications (N’Digo and Gloss magazine). All the women I had come in contact with, whether it be a fashion show, school, or an event. These women just really inspired me with their stories. I thought there was something unique and phenomenal about each one of them. I had an 18 year old, college senior, a model, who got a great deal as a Johnson & Johnson product ambassador, yet she quit in her fifth year to get her doctorate in neuroscience- definition of beauty and brains. I have an array of women, and I separated them between the two publications, based on the age group, maturity of the audience.

The Social Affair:

Basically, this is my effort to really to engage [people], as far as the substance of the campaign. One thing I realized that really caught people’s attention [was] the photography, and the vibrance of [the She’s in Color campaign], but, I’m not quite sure everyone caught the true definition of the campaign. All the women I featured, were gorgeous, but it wasn’t about them being models. They were just beautiful women, and even more beautiful, because [of] everything they have to share. It’s to bring together everybody that was apart of the campaign, thus far, all the cover girls.


Make sure you come out and support this amazing effort to spread inspiration and positivity.

-Jonnita Condra


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