Scandal is Back and Reality TV is Whack

ABC’s, “Scandal,” has officially made its premiere for the third season of the show. The show was created by writer, Shonda Rhimes and is centered around tough as nails lawyer and “fixer” of any type of scandal, Olivia Pope, played by Ms. Kerry Washington. Olivia Pope is a character based on real life George Bush’s former administration press aide, Judy Smith. Pope and Associates is the name of Olivia’s crisis management firm; the show is based in Washington, D.C. I have been following the show since it first aired back in 2012. I think it’s genius. I really do admire Shonda Rhimes because she’s a Black woman who has three shows on primetime television, one of them with a Black actress as the lead character. I mean, on what planet does that happen? I think she’s someone to look up too.

I loved the first episode of this season. It picked up where it left off a few weeks ago with Huck, the firm’s investigator who has a CIA past, being charged with attempted murder of Fitzgerald Grant, the president. Huck did not do the crime but knew the woman who did. Huck was being tortured by homeland security. Those violent scenes were most disturbing. Olivia of course, rescued him as soon as she found out what was going on. After that, he went after the woman, who was responsible. He had met her in an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting and really trusted her; he let her get so close to him. But she was playing him the whole time. She’s sick and sadistic.


The fact that there is a show such as this one on television makes me happy and hopeful for the future of television. There are way too many reality shows on TV and it’s getting overwhelming. Most shows such as Basketball Wives LA and Miami, Love and Hip Hop Atlanta and Love and Hip Hop, based in New York seem degrading at times for women of color. They are basically getting paid to make fools of themselves. So many viewers feel these shows need to be cut off and that they make women of color look bad. Just last season on BBW Miami, after Evelyn Lozada threw a glass wine bottle at Kenya Bell, Star Jones started a petition to have the show removed from the air. There are way too many stereotypes being glorified. There are some positive reality shows like “Six Little McGhee’s,” “Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s,” “The Sisterhood,” and “LaLa’s Full Court Life,” to name a few. Reality television is fine as long as there is some sort of positivity going on mixed in with some drama. A lot of times the producers of a show will edit things a certain way to make it seem worse than what it really is. That’s stupid. It’s like the main goal is to portray as much ignorant material as possible and show little to no actual positive or good scenes that show the real character and personality of the cast members.

I don’t get why violence is so highly favored among audiences. People love seeing someone being beat up, glass thrown at them or cursed out and humiliated in some sort of way. Why? What is nice about that? That’s no way to treat anyone. What are we teaching our young children? Is this really the message that we want to send to them? I don’t think so. All of these shows, especially Love and Hip Hop Atlanta was a train wreck. What was Mona Scott-Young thinking? Watching that show reminded me of a typical day in the hood somewhere. It was just a bunch of colored people acting stupid, airing their dirty laundry for some money and a few minutes in the spotlight. And then people have the nerve to complain about all the violence that we have in the world today, especially in low income neighborhoods.

It’s literally an outrage and something has got to change. We need more shows like “Scandal” that show Black women in a good light and that allow our potential to be shown clearly. We are more than loud talking, neck rolling, finger wagging, cursing and fighting ratchet hood rats. I really would love to see more good shows though. I think more normal, regular sitcom type shows would be great, the reality TV thing is overrated at this point. I don’t see the point anymore. It’s almost as if everyone wants and has to have a reality show to be considered relevant. Since I am a writer myself, I would love to have a show on primetime TV one day. That’s one of my future goals I have. I miss the great shows like “Girlfriends,” “Living Single,” and “Martin” for example. These were some of our most beloved sitcoms of the 90s and 2000s. Where did shows like that go? Why do they take away quality and replace it with trash? Are the writers getting lazy or uninspired? What could it be exactly? I just know some changes need to be made and the revamping/ replacement process must begin.


-Lisa Brown


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