#From the Editor: We are all Betty Shabazz & Coretta Scott- King


Did you catch the Lifetime presentation of Betty & Coretta? If you missed it, I’m sure an encore presentation is on it’s way.

Betty Shabazz and Coretta Scott- King. Two amazing women. I can literally only imagine the weight that came along with 1) losing a husband 2) raising children 3) taking on the legacy of their husbands 4) and just dealing with everything else that comes with life. Real life superheroes.

Just watching the movie, and experiencing a glimpse of each woman’s greatness. Each had the desire to fight for what they believed was right. It was just great to witness in a two- hour segment how these women bonded, and helped each other accomplish so many goals.

As a young a woman, I hope to embody that strength, and build a legacy that will inspire people to be great. Betty Shabazz and Coretta Scott- King left fear at the door, and if they were ever afraid, only God and themselves knew it.

These two women have definitely inspired me to continue to walk in boldness. I hope that if you watched, you were also motivated to push beyond whatever circumstance, and push into a path that will enable you to bless others.

Be bold.

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