Confessions of a Female Mack



Women, are you currently playing the game of love and relationships and striking out consistently? Are you sick and tired of giving your precious heart away to losers who aren’t even worth your time? Do you ever wonder what’s the real deal behind the game men run on women all the time, how they’re so smooth with it and how they end up getting everything they want from a woman? Well, there may be help for you after all. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Buttafly Jonez. Buttafly is the face behind the blog site, She also has a YouTube channel, Buttafly Jonez.

Her video and blog’s main theme is: Confessions of a Female Mack. Buttafly considers herself a female mack, assisting other women who are in desperate need of getting what they want and need from a man. She gives helpful hints and tips, such as not inviting a man into your home on a first date, not dating every man who approaches you which she calls dating selectively, and setting the time table, which is making sure you are controlling the timing of things in a relationship. Examples would be deciding when he sees you, where you go on a date and not
making it so easy for him to have access to you. Buttafly’s main goal is to teach women how to have more power and control in their relationships with men so that it’s not always the man dominating and being more fulfilled than she is.

With the recent craze over comedian, Steve Harvey’s book, “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man,” which was made into a movie, “Think Like a Man,” a lot of women have been reading up and following the advice like the Bible. There are also other male relationship experts who try and advise women on men, sex, love and relationships. Buttafly is a woman’s woman, so-to-speak. She has her own unique style she uses along with her very relatable personality to reach her audience. Click the links below to get to know the real Buttafly Jonez.

~ Lisa Brown


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