Yes, Spartacus Has More Drama than Reality TV Shows


Social networks are always buzzing about reality TV shows. Real Housewives of whatever, Love and Hip Hop: Whatever, Whatever Sort of Wives, Whatever about the Kardashians, and Catfish: The TV Show (whatever). Honestly, TV isn’t very enjoyable anymore, at least to our generation. All these shows are seemingly alike, so I said to myself, “Self, if you’re going to watch the “dummy tube”, don’t always turn to the same predictable shows. Introduce something new to the kid.” So I decided to give the TV series, Spartacus: War of the Damned, a look. If you can get past all the blood and gore, you may enjoy these two episodes of the final season too.

So, what or who is this Spartacus? Spartacus was a Thracian gladiator, and one of the leaders of the slave uprising against the Roman Empire in the Third Servile War. The STARZ series tells this same story, but in more graphic detail. Quintus Batiatus was the Roman slave owner of Spartacus. Before Spartacus became a slave, he was happy with his wife. After the Romans raped and captured Spartacus’s wife, they sold him off to Batiatus.

He trained Spartacus, along with his other slaves, to fight. Soon, Spartacus
became pretty good at the skill. Batiatus would enter Spartacus in fights at the
arena, in which participators had to fight to the death. Spartacus would always
win and as a result, Batiatus would make money. Batiatus grew fond of
Spartacus, and wound up promising to free Spartacus and reunite him with his
wife. But Lucretia, Batiatus’s wife, became greedy and asked her husband why
give up his “cash cow”? Batiatus told her he was a man of his word so he
planned on honoring his promise. But Lucretia wasn’t trying to hear that. She ended up making Batiatus order to have Spartacus’ wife killed, but it was to look like a botched robbery. In turn, Spartacus would have no reason to leave Batiatus. The plan worked, and Spartacus’s love even drew her last breath in his arms.

Since his beloved’s death, Spartacus had visions about how it really went down. After a few of these visions weighed heavily on him, he decided to go and see the driver he was told was carrying his love at the time of attack. At the time, Spartacus was told the driver was attacked also, but did not perish. So Spartacus rips the driver’s toga to see his scar, but guess what? There wasn’t one. Spartacus then
realized what the Romans did to him, and vowed revenge.

Fast forward to last week’s episode, “Enemies of Rome”. From the very start, there is a full-on war and blood bath obviously between Spartacus’ army and some of the Romans. Since he has been on his own, he, along with his three consultants Gannicus, Crixus, and Agnon, have defeated a number of Roman troops. Perhaps now would be a good time to mention how Spartacus even came to have an army and consultants. As Spartacus conquered various Roman armies, he would free their slaves. Also he would offer, them the opportunity to join his army. As of now in the series, many have done so and it’s still growing.

Still crazy drama, but at least there’s a plot, right? I may be giving reality TV a rest for a while, and joining a few television series.

Will you be watching?

~Courtney Bonner, Contributor


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