Jonnita in the City: District 312 is Officially Here!

2013-02-08 09.06.05

Jonnita, Charlotte & Fred, playing around. This pic def shows our personalities…lol

District 312 is here!  So, last Friday (2/8) was the viewing party for District 312, at Epic Luxury Boutique.  As I mentioned last week, I have the opportunity to serve as creative director for the Chicago based, fashion web series, District 312.

We hosted a viewing party, where attendees were able to be the first to view the kick-off webisode, shop (with a special discount) at Epic Luxury Boutique, while eating Charlotte’s homemade, red velvet cupcakes (not pictured, lol, because they are in my tummy), and sipping on a variety of wine choices.

Family and friends, came out to support… My bestie, Sharice even played photographer.


Bestfriend, Sharice taking a break from playing photographer. CHEESE!

Fast forward to today…So, today is the official release of the first webisode of District 312, featuring one of Chicago’s, south side boutiques, Epic Luxury Boutique, 2144 W. 95th St.

Check it out! Stay tuned, every 2nd Tuesday, of every month for a new episode. We will definitely be coming to a boutique near you.

Follow District312 on Twitter for daily updates: District312

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