#Power Couples Week: Harold N the Incredible Charisma

If this is your first time checking out the site, Y.S. Mag is doing a tribute to power couples this week, just to celebrate Valentine’s Day. We just want to celebrate couples who are building empires, and making moves together. So today, we celebrate Harold Green III, lyricist/writer and Charisma S. Sweat, singer/songwriter, better known around Chicago as, Harold N the Incredible Charisma. Check out how both hold each other down, on and off the stage.


How did you all meet…how long have you been together.
We met in college, at Grambling State University, and we have been together 4.5 years.

Do you have children.
Yes, we have the coolest kid on the planet (in our minds): son, Zaire Mali.

How did you come together as a duo.
Charisma: Well, we were initially introduced in college by a mutual friend who knew we were both artists. After collaborating on several projects and performances, I ended up joining Harold’s performing arts collective. A mutual love for music and art has allowed us to keep our collaboration going over the years, thus how H.N.I.C. (Harold N’ the Incredible Charisma) was formed. Our most consistent and visible project has been a viral series called “Flowers for the Living”, now in it’s fourth year.

What is it like working with your partner.
It’s awesome working together. It actually makes us closer. We have two different approaches to what we do, so occasionally we bump heads, but the more we work together the easier it has become.

How do you stay on common ground with each other?
As far as our artistry, we both have a common goal, and would love to do this for a lifetime, so it allows us to stay focused and find commonality in what we do.


Did you ever imagine that you would be in this position with the one you love.
Harold: I imagined it because I knew how talented Charisma was, so it only made sense.

Charisma: I love seeing couples that either work in the same field or share the same passion and are able to tag-team when necessary to get the job done. It makes great stories that much more inspiring. So while nothing is for certain, the idea of this has always been kind of a passive thought. Now, it’s just starting to come into fruition. 

How do you encourage one another.
Harold: The most important thing we do is critique each other honestly. We don’t have to worry about hurting each other’s feelings, so we are very blunt with each other. It may sound like an adverse way to encourage one another but it works. We know that means we still believe in one another.

 Charisma: When I’m performing (solo), Harold always stands really close to the stage so I know he’s there and that he’s with me. When he has a solo gig, I try to take on a personal assistant role to show my support. I’m an all-in-one, bag holder, photographer, hype man and CD salesperson.

What’s the best thing about working with your partner.
Harold: The best thing for me is that it creates new experiences for both of us, and it makes Charisma more and more attractive. Long term relationships can be mundane in whatever realm they exist, but working together artistically keeps our life very interesting.

Charisma: Some of the best moments in my life are when I’m on a stage- the fact that I can share many of those moments with the closest person to me and know that he fully supports me in this, even in times when I lose sight for myself, not only make it far more exciting, but all the dreams seem that much more realizable. And furthermore, we’ve found it to be quite therapeutic for the occasional relationship speedbumps.

Nothing like team work. I hope you all have been inspired. Make it last forever….(cues Keith Sweat)

In honor of Valentine’s Day, H.N.I.C. has released its Flowers for the Living series…peep the vid. This time they did a cover to Chris Brown’s, Don’t Judge Me

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