#SPOTLIGHT: Paul Wilson, Founder of NextonDeck.com


My name is Paul L. Wilson. I’m 26 years old. I live on the south side of Chicago Illinois. I graduated from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, with a degree in Accountancy and Finance. I’m a very outgoing person who takes life as living lessons and that patience is a virtue. I am Founder and CEO of NextonDeck.com.

When did you create Next on Deck.
The manifestation of NextOnDeck was created on December 24, 2010. The idea didn’t become complete until the launch of nextondeck.com on February 15th 2013.  NextOnDeck is to give up and coming artists from the Chicago land area, an opportunity to to gain more exposure, and [create] a fan base for their talents.

Nextondeck is: Your music. Your stage. Your audience. The perfect platform to upload your musical creations and earn a fan base, NextOnDeck is open to the world and all genres of music. Let the world know who you are by creating a profile. Even if you don’t sing, rap, or produce, you can still be the one to launch the career of your favorite unsigned independent artist simply by voting.

The [concept] of NextOnDeck was created, because I have a lot of talented friends that are on the music scene. My friends either rap, sing, produce, write music or direct/edit music videos; and me being a true fan of music,  I do not have the greatest voice, nor can I write a complete 16 bars that will deliver a complete story- that makes sense at least( lol). So, I wanted to create an outlet, so they can display their talents, gain more exposure and get feedback on the content that they have created.

What have you learned along the way, in building a website.
I have learned a lot of valuable things along the way, while building a website: One thing is that, patience and faith is a virtue. Just because you have an idea, that doesn’t mean that it will come into fruition the next day, week, month, or year.  It takes time and effort to make your dreams come true. You have to remain faithful that you will accomplished your mission. Not just building a website, but building a brand has taught me the true meaning of faith without works is dead.

Do you have a team, how has that worked out.
Yes, I have a team that supports the progress of NextOnDeck. They have helped out with implementation of ideas, spreading the word about NextOnDeck and just being great friends and family to help me establish something I hope to be great one day! The team has worked out greatly!

How do you feel NOD will benefit artists, etc.
NextOnDeck, will help artist, by giving them  another resource or outlet to help expose their talents to the public audience. I believe artists that are passionate about their dreams of becoming more involved in the music scene, will need as many resources as possible to make that dream a reality. By artists uploading their content onto NextOnDeck, getting public views, votes of  a “Nod” ( meaning they like the content) or a “Shake”( meaning they dislike the content) can give artists feedback on their material. NextOnDeck is free to sign up, making it more attractive to the artist.

Well, for the aspiring artists out there, upload your music to NextonDeck today! Great opportunity for everyone.

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8 thoughts on “#SPOTLIGHT: Paul Wilson, Founder of NextonDeck.com

  1. NextOnDeck is on its way to finding solutions to fit the needs of everyday artist. Especially those in the Chicago land area. I think the site will help to build a foundation for Rap artist in particular to step out side the box gain feedback and make changes that will effect their career.

  2. Next on deck is a great opportunity for the Chicago community. This site will expose future artists to the world and also Paul Wilson. Good LUCK Paul your idea is a terrific one.

  3. NOD is a great opportunity to give artist exposure and to build a fan base. So let’s all spread the word. Let’s give three cheers to Paul and the NOD team!!!

  4. I think its wonderful that some people still have faith in Chicago.Im praying that this take off I give it 2 thumbs up

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