#BLOG: Your Words Have Power…Use them Wisely


Over the weekend, I had the chance to chat with some great friends. The topic of our conversation literally did donuts around speaking things into existence, and the power of words.

Every time our words leave our mouths, we are either giving life or taking life. Although, words leave our mouths all day everyday, because speaking is so normal to humans; I think sometimes we underestimate just how powerful our words really are.

You ever notice how the simplest words can either make or break a conversation. When you deeply translate your words, you can really see how our words can either uplift, or destroy.

Too often, we unconsciously let anything slip from our lips, and then we wonder why our worlds have been turned upside down. Imagine, if you spoke positively all day, about everything…even when someone has made you mad. I think the world would definitely be a much better place.

Today, or for the rest of the week, practice saying positive things, and see how positive things will manifest throughout your day.

Here are some positive affirmations, if you do not know any.

I will have a great day.

I am successful.

Thank you God for this day.

I have everything I need.

Today is the best day of my life.

I am patient. (<—I need to say this a few times throughout the day :))

I am kind to everyone.

Remember your words will bring you just what you put into the world. So why not spread love and abundance to not only yourself, but to the people you encounter.

P.S. If you say these things enough times, you will actually start to believe them!

 photo YSMAgsignature_zpsb81773da.jpg

Photog: milknhonee


One thought on “#BLOG: Your Words Have Power…Use them Wisely

  1. Soooo….true Jonnita. Especially over text message. In a conversation the tone of your voice is also a hug factor. Thanks for the affirmations! We need them more than we think.

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