#SPOTLIGHT: Janeen Kern, Creator of Janeen’s Art

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Janeen Kern, creator of Janeen’s Art

When did you start painting.
I started painting when I was very young. I can recall painting as early as the age of six- years- old. My mother taught me how to paint. She studied at the Art Institute of Chicago and she is very artistic. She passed her art skills and love for art down to me.  We worked on many art projects together and painted for fun. Art was a way we bonded and learned about each other. Art taught us things about each other that verbal conversations did not.

What is art to you?
Art is a way of expressing your inner emotions!  Art is visual for me even though it is much more than that- it’s a way to give a gift from the creator to the world. Art tells stories and history, [it] embraces creativity and being different. Art allows one to push limits and get a pass. Art is your interpretation of life and is what you want it to be.  Art is the way you see things. Art is a way of life. Art evokes passion, love, energy, feelings, spirituality, and peace.  Art has no boundaries.

first born

What is your favorite piece you’ve painted?
My favorite piece is the Sphinx. This painting depicts the power of a great woman and how she is significant to the growth, wealth, kingdom, and status of a man. This woman is equipped to help her man and she has the gift of influence. This painting shows the woman looking off but she has eyes that can see what others cannot see.  She is next to a man who has honor and integrity.  He is strong, confident, bold, and he commands your attention because he is looking straight at you. I painted this man with no eyes because his woman shares her visions and ideas with him.  The man and woman are a team. The man and the woman have different but positive qualities. They prevail together.


How did you make your artwork a business?
I decided to turn my love for art into a business when I was in college.  I went to school to become an on-air personality and earned my degree in Communications which focused on Journalism and Broadcast News. In college, I also studied business and learned what was important for all businesses which is having your product available for customers through the web.  I made my art available online by building janeensart.com, my art website.  This was essential to reaching customers all around the world.  Even though art galleries are wonderful, I didn’t want to limit myself to selling my art in art galleries.  I wanted to make my art available to people who did not live in my area and my website allows my art to be accessible to everyone.

My passion is for art but I learned some useful skills and knowledge while studying at my university so I decided to partner with Dartise Media Design, a production company, to create Janeen’s Art Memoirs.  Janeen’s Art Memoirs is a show for the web.  My show gives viewers the opportunity to actually see me create my paintings and to see what inspires my art.

What inspires your pieces?
My spirituality, my fascination for the elements of the earth, and the universe inspires most of my art.  My art evokes peace, strength, serenity, and unity.  My art tells a story of my heritage and ancestors.  I am in constant search of being more connected to where I come from and to gain knowledge from those who were here before me.  My paintings document my growth.  My family is another inspiration of mine.  My mother, aunts, and grandmother’s battle with cancer inspired my New Beginnings paintings.  They tell a story about being diagnosed with cancer, battling cancer, surviving cancer, and losing the fight against cancer.  When I learned my mother was diagnosed with cancer, I had to exercise my faith and I became even more spiritual.  I used painting as an outlet to express the emotions I felt, while I supported my mother through her battle. I had no other way to really release what was brewing inside of me.  Thank God my mother won her fight against cancer.

survivor horizontal

What an amazing story. Your passion can come from anything.  What are you working on right now?

 photo ysmagsiggy_zps88958f56.jpg


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