#Interview: Get to Know Ambrosia Malbrough & Her Youtube Empire


Over the weekend, I had the chance to interview YouTube queen, Ambrosia Malbrough. Ambrosia has literally built a continuously growing empire from doing what she loves. With a YouTube page that features over 300 beauty and hair tutorials, more than 70K subscribers, oh, and over 6.9 million views, Ambrosia has definitely built a lasting brand. Not to mention, she is also the founder and owner of BL Boutique, an online jewelry boutique. Go girl!  Get to the know on- camera personality, and what goes on behind the scenes.

What’s a day in the life of Ambrosia.
Well, I always wake up super early, my day starts at 5 [A.M.].. Of course, I check my emails and everything, and then normally after that, I’m packaging orders, and of course doing my Youtube promo. Bascially, brainstorming for the next video. That’s what a day is like.

Being online, is that your full time job.
Yes, and doing my jewelry.

How do you manage everything.
You know what…it’s a lot, and right now I’m doing it all by myself- as far as the managing part. I do have a PR that helps me out with all of my other public relations, but basically there is not enough hours in the day. It’s always something rolling over to the next day. So, I have a planner, I basically jot down everything I need to do. It’s rare that I get some free time to play around and hang out. But, yea, it’s a lot of work. It’s just time management for the most part.

Did you ever see yourself growing into a brand.
You know what, I did, but not in this way. Originally, I wanted to be a fashion designer, so Youtube, or anything on the internet was never in my mind, what I’d be doing. This is completely different . It’s a curveball.

You’re really a YouTube celebrity. How do you deal with that? Everyone sees your face.
I’m a bit used to it now. Not 100% used to it, but I just know that now when I am out in public, now I get recognized more. I’m very modest about the things that I do, so a lot of my family, they have no idea that I’m on Youtube. So, if I’m out somewhere and my family’s around, they’re like why is this person looking at you, they’re like what’s wrong, why are they looking at you. I’m like, oh, they probably saw me online. It’s something you never 100% get used to. You just have to have a mind frame of everyone is not going to agree with you, what you say and what you do. Just make sure you don’t let those type of negative vibes affect you. Just continue to stay positive.

Have you had any awkward moments.
(Laughing) I have had a lot of awkward moments. Early on, it’s like really awkward, but then after that, you just learn to be a little bit more easy going. Try to make sure you keep a smile on your face.


Who is Ambrosia behind the camera?  You’re so personable on camera.
It’s funny, because I have a friend, and she always say she wishes they knew who she knew. I’m a really outgoing person. I’m really goofy. I’m sort of a jokester. In the B-Dailies, you’ll see how Rob is, and how he is and his personality. Surprisingly, a lot of people say I am the girl version of Rob, because in some ways, I’m exactly like him.

You ever get nervous doing a video.
That’s something that never bothered me. You just do it. You’re not really expecting anyone to see the video in the first place- this is when I first started out. I would just post a video, it would basically just be for me and my friends. I don’t get nervous, because it’s just like whatever I put out, I make sure it’s what I believe in, and I feel good about it. Usually if I feel good about it, and believe in it, I’m sure others will as well. Of course, it’s some people that will have negativity.

How many years ago did you start on YouTube.
Back in 2008. My first video, I believe, was just me. I was sitting on the floor doing make up. I wasn’t doing any talking, it was just music and doing make up. I was eighteen.

Do you design any of the pieces in your boutique.
I have a boutique. Right now I have the facet stud earrings, I hand make. But, also my actual jewelry line is designed by me. It’s manufactured in fourteen Karat gold. It’s coming out within the next few weeks.

I know you video edit, you produce. Did you have to teach yourself these things starting off.
All of my editing, I do it through iMovie, basically I just teach myself. Things have gotten a lot better. Previously, when I first started, I did not have any type of video editing.


What do you tell people, when they say they want to do a Youtube video.
I always say, do what makes you happy. Be original, and don’t mind the comments, because there will be some crazy comments coming at you.

Do you read your comments.
I read my comments. I don’t really get that many comments that are negative. I take everything into consideration- all the positivity and constructive criticism. There are some crazy people, and I don’t even see it. I just mask it out.

Make sure you visit Ambrosia’s YouTube page: XGoldn and check out BL Boutique.

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