#Spotlight: Arika “AJ” Linton, Brand Consultant


Meet Arika Linton, a prime example of how branding yourself can create endless career opportunities.

You do a lot of everything..lol. Do you have an official title?
Yes I am the Brand Consultant of Fame Production Group

I see you put on a lot of events in Chicago, how do you do it?
I’m not as busy this year with events like I was last year. But it’s all about staying relevant. Not doing events of quantity but doing them of quality. Making a long lasting impression on people where they leave wanting to come back and know who you are.

The latest event was the “It Girl Panel”, what was your inspiration behind the seminar?
The inspiration behind “IT Girl Panel Discussion” was wanting to do something inspiring for young women aspiring to rise to the top in their given career fields. People always ask me what makes me so successful and I credit it to the women I surround myself with. Women of strength, courage and wisdom. I lean on them for guidance and encouragement so I wanted to share that with everyone else.

You are pretty known throughout the city, how did you create your network?
I’m not as well-known as I would like to be, but I started as a college-student at Columbia College Chicago some years ago. I just started making myself known for business and Entertainment and it took off.

How is the “Don’t Kill My Chance” campaign coming along? Any updates on how people can participate?
The campaign is coming along great. You can find out more information on ndigo.com. If anyone is looking to ghttps://ysmaglive.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=2671&action=editet involved in the stop the violence photo campaign “Don’t Kill My Chance” email us at dkmccampaign.com

What’s next for A.J. Linton?
I don’t even really know, just trying to be the best mentor I can be. Encouraging young women to be them no matter what it takes!!!

 photo ysmagsiggy_zps88958f56.jpg

P.S.: If you’re in Chicago, Thursday (4/11), stop by Fame Production Group’s networking mixer at Tantrum. Check out the plugger below.



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