Jonnita in the City: Hebru Brantley’s Birthday Party & Downtown 88


I hope everyone had a great weekend! Once again, Chicago was live, and I have to say, my Friday, was definitely a kick off to the weekend. Friday, I attended (along with the rest of the city of Chicago) Hebru Brantley’s Downtown 88 Exhibit/Birthday Party. Great combination, right?


Caught up with the birthday boy, Hebru Brantley.

This party was something amazing, because Hebru created a space for Chicago artists and professionals to come together and celebrate 1) the movement of Hebru Brantley’s artistry 2) all the talented individuals in Chicago 3) and to just be in the midst of a great atmosphere and good music.

Speaking of music… Q-Tip (A Tribe Called Quest) was on the 1’s & 2’s, and he definitely kept the crowd live. He played a mix of everything, from Marvin Gaye’s, Sexual Healing to 90’s hip-hop, with a little turn up music. The moment that got me, was when Q-Tip threw his own track, Vivrant Thing in the mix…that’s my song. It was just amazing to be amongst one of the hip-hop greats.

The entire atmosphere was very reminiscent of Chicago, especially, if you were a child growing up in Chicago. There was a whole table set up with some of my childhood favorite snacks, that all Chicago native’s know you can find at your local corner/candy store. From the little Frootie candies, to Flamin’ Hots…oh, and I can not forget the pickles. Yes, they had pickles at the party (lol).




Now, a party is not a party unless a circle is formed around people dancing, in the midst of the party (lol). Felt so old school.


She did that!!

The party was full of entertainment. Peep the gallery below.

Til next time. 🙂


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