#Editor’s Pick: Ready- to- Stare Releases Beach Collection

I always like to point out that my city (Chicago) is full of so many entrepreneurs of all industries, and just talented people over all. Last October, I reviewed, Alysse Dalessandro, and her accessory collection, Ready-to-Stare, when she debuted her fall line, Major. Well, this spring, Alysse is back with her Beach collection.

Using actual beach elements, Alysse has designed a versatile collection of pieces that can definitely be worn across seasons.

As I traveled from Dallas to Austin to San Antonio to Corpus Christi and South Padre Island, I began to developing this idea of an “urban beach” collection. I continued to source inspiration for this collection during my everyday life in Chicago when I spotted this peeling blue paint on a brick wall.  We even shot one scene of the look book right at Chicago’s North Avenue Beach. In addition to materials sourced in Texas, I gathered materials and inspiration from a trip to New York City. So many of the U.S’s biggest cities are on water and have some sort of beach, but it’s never something we associate with these cities. It seemed only natural for me to create a collection paying tribute to the urban beach. Ready-to-Stare’s Beach Collection pairs our always bold, confident, and streetwear inspired aesthetic with more of a soft edge.

Like what you see? Head on over and shop, here.

 photo ysmagsiggy_zps88958f56.jpg


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