#ROCK MOMS: Monica Sparks, TV Show Host

In honor of Mother’s Day approaching this weekend, Y.S. Mag Live wanted to share some moms with you that work hard for their families, while making it look so effortless. I hope you are inspired by these amazing women, as I am.


Monica Sparks, 41, Urban Sparks, TV show host

We do so much with so little , that we can accomplish the impossible with nothing at all- Jason Tarell

I started Urban Sparks as a way to connect and share my view on diversity with people. A way to connect and get real! Everyone is using the buzz word- Diversity, but I really think they do not know how to celebrate each other though the differences we all have. The Urban Sparks is the umbrella for the Monica Sparks Show (WTKG 1230am) & Networking Divas Magazine.

On motherhood.

I feel honored to be a mother. I feel children are our greatest gifts- ever! Children balance us, give us life and help us benchmark our dreams and goals. We find out our strengths, weaknesses and what life is really all about when we spend time with our babies!

I love watching the growth of my two boys. It is truly amazing, just when I think that my boys have not learned a lesson I taught them, I see an action that tells me; I am on the right path! It feels so good to know you can help facilitate and be the ‘change’ you want to see in the world through your child. Making a positive difference is all that counts! Raising productive citizens, gentlemen and scholars is my only true motherhood  goal.


Monica’s two sons.

What is it like juggling work and being a mother.

WHEW…TGIE- Thank God I am an entrepreneur! I honestly try to incorporate my children in as much as I can-volunteer work, events, my radio show, at the office and I also make it a point to blend into the things they are into or like to do. I serve on the school board, so they understand I am part of their team along with the teachers for their successful future. I play outside with them and their friends (yup-I have the ‘kool-aid house.) This allows me to know who their friends are too. Being a single mother can be tough and we may not always have everything we want, but we have what we need. I found out early on after my divorce to their father that love is a four letter word spelled time. People [make] time for the things and people they feel are important.

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