Saluting Mothers: Sherrie Lynn, Children’s Author


Sherrie Lynn, 26, Children’s author

A successful woman takes the bricks the devil throws at her and uses them to lay a firm foundation- Nishan Panwar

I am a single mother and aspiring children’s author. My daughter is my inspiration- I base my stories off of her one of a kind personality. Growing up I’ve always loved to write. I’ve always had a big imagination, but the older I got the more I lost sight of it- kind of like Peter Pan, I guess you can say.

In November of last year (2012) my daughter’s father was murdered. His death showed me that tomorrow really is never promised, and if there is something that you want to do, if you have a dream, you better do it. Follow your dreams. Being a children’s author is my dream. If I don’t make one dime from my books, I would be okay with that, because I followed my dream; and I know Donovan (father of her daughter) would be very proud of me because of that.

What do you love about being a mother.
I honestly love everything about motherhood, [all] the up and the downs. My daughter is the reason why I am the person I am today. Raising a child is one of the most powerful things a woman can do. I take pride in it. It’s a blessing to watch my “mini me” grow everyday.

Jaydalynn copy

How do you juggle being a mother and working.
It’s all about time and memories I think. I work everyday and still make time to help with homework, walk the dog, dance to High School Musical, and play Barbies. My daughter is five, so I think these are going to be the most memorable moments in her life. I want to be the best role model for my daughter- an example that she uses for her own children, when she has some of her own in the future…LIKE YEAR 2050!!


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