#SPOTLIGHT: Corey Williams, Model & Founder of Stolic Kidd


Corey De’Mon Williams, Model/Actor & Founder/creative director of Stolic kidd clothing

Every Wednesday, I like to spotlight entrepreneurs of all industries.  So, this week I caught up with the ambitious, and comical Chicago model and founder of Stolic Kidd, Corey Williams. Get to know him and the brand he is building.

I noticed your twitter handle say’s, The Black Jew. Is there a back story to that?

(Laughing) That’s a good question. The name (The Black Jew) was given to my grandfather, because he was the only black (man) working with a bunch of Jews at this factory. The owner of the company liked his worked ethic, [and moved him to another] wing so everyone started calling  him the black Jew. But, I did a documentary and [I am] writing a script about him, called the black Jew, so [I’m] just putting the name out there.

You’re in the modeling and acting industries. What draws you to both?
Modeling and acting is like two sides of the same coin. They complete each other. In everyday life, I like attention. I like to put on clothes, make people laugh, people watch, study habits (weird right), but these all play a part in modeling and acting.

What goes through your mind, when you are walking down a runway?
While walking down the runway [I’m] thinking, I’m the dopest dude on earth, and don’t lick your lips (lol).

Was modeling always something you wanted to do?
Not at all! My first love was basketball. I had mad hoop dreams.


Tell me about the Stolic Kidd line. What is the inspiration behind that?
I came up with the name at church. I go to an Apostolic church, which is basically the study of Jesus and the apostles to sum it up. I’m one of those people that nicknames everything to sound cool, so I took the apo off and I just used to say stolic. Everybody thought it was dope. I say kid(d) a lot, and I put them both together. Stolic coming from the study of apostles, which are sent messengers to bring change. Kid(d) is the most humble a person can get, as like Jesus came as a kid, so you put them together (humble sent messenger) Stolic Kidd. I just want to put together a brand with class and style, that will transcend generations with a message and [not] be churchy. I can go all day about this brand every little thing has a meaning.

What’s one of the best ways you feel you can impact the world?
To use the gifts God gave me to the max, and to keep giving my knowledge to the kids of our future- and hopefully it becomes a trickle down effect, where the wisdom never ends.

Find out more about Corey Williams, here.

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