Spotlight: 16-Year-Old Music Producer, Wondagurl


Paving the way as one of the youngest, female producers in the industry right now, the 16-year-old, Canadian-Nigerian, Ebony “Wondagurl” Oshunrinde is making history. Making her album debut on Jay-Z’s latest release (Magna Carta…Holy Grail) on the track, Crown, the young producer is also gearing up to work with rapper, Drake.

Wondagurl made her way to the music scene, in 2011, when she competed in the Battle of the Beatmakers competition, where she caught the eye of hip-hop, producer, Boi-1da. One year later, she competed again in the 2012 competition, and since then, she has worked on tracks with French Montana, Travis Scott, and Jay-Z.

Although she loves producing music, Wondagurl is focused on finishing high school, and will continue to make beats after homework is done.

She is definitely on the come up.


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