Homeless Teen Raises $27K to Attend Howard University


Can you imagine growing up a homeless teen in California with your family?  Or, wanting to attend college, but facing the reality that your family can not afford it?

This was the reality for 19-year-old, James Ward, but he recently raised over $27K  for his first year at the historically, black college, Howard University.  Almost two weeks ago, he launched an online campaign called, Homeless to Howard, to raise money for four year tuition at Howard University.

Collecting donations through PayPal, Ward’s campaign has gained assistance from Teach for America, and Chicago rapper, Common has also shared the campaign link.

Homeless, since the age of 14, Ward and his family have lived in his mother’s car, various shelters, and relatives’ home, until they secured a spot in the Union Rescue Mission, in Los Angeles, California.

Faced with a series of adversities, Ward has shown triumph comes in all forms.

It’s surreal. I can’t believe after everything that’s happened I’m going to be leaving to attend Howard. – James Ward

Congrats James Ward on your first semester at Howard University.



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