Interview: Jasmine Crowe, Founder of Black Celebrity Giving


Jasmine Crowe is the founder/creator of the movement better known as Black Celebrity Giving. As the head of BCG, Jasmine Crowe and her team have spotlighted the charitable efforts of some of our favorite celebrities, including Toya Wright, Jamie Foxx, Jay-Z, and many more, as well as launching communities campaigns throughout the U.S. to help those in need.


JC: How did BCG come about?
J.Crowe: It really came about, because we noticed there was a lack of positivity within the celebrity realm, and also taking place in black communities. It seemed like there were always news stories on gossip websites that talked kind of bad about us- it was not anything that celebrated all the good that we do.


JC: When you started Black Celebrity Giving, what did you have? How did you start?
J.Crowe: I didn’t  have anything. I had the name, and that was pretty much it. I didn’t have a lot of support from some of my friends and family members. Now I do obviously. Even my dad [would say] oh, it will never work. You’re only doing black celebrities, and you have to do all celebrities. But, I knew that it would, I just knew that I needed that chance to make it happen. I just kind of went out there on a limb, by myself. I did it for almost a year and a half, before actually leaving my job. I was working full-time  and [doing] BCG, but after I saw how it was going, I actually left my job at the time.

JC: What is it like running your own site, being the boss?
J. Crowe: I definitely think its amazing. It gets better everyday. I love going in and checking our emails, and getting so many news stories. I can’t imagine myself doing anything else at this point in life. I don’t really think, I just believe I will be BCG forever, even if it’s ten [or] twenty years.

JC: Black Celebrity Giving is making moves throughout the U.S., share with us some of its monumental moments.
J. Crowe: My number one moment ever was [when] we had a retweet from Michelle Obama, about a year into our actual site. When we see celebrities support us, from Steve Harvey, Chris Paul to Holly Robinson Peete, it means a lot, because we didn’t know any of these celebrities. They just like our work and what we are doing. There has been so many monumental moments with our last campaign, where we collected clothing for homeless to low income families with Toya Wright. We set a goal to collect 30,000 items, and we ended up almost collecting 50,000.

JC: What are some of your goals for BCG going into 2014?
J. Crowe: One of our goals will be to eventually have a space. We are also looking to work with more corporate sponsors. We just feel as though what we are doing is so needed, and we have done everything on our own. Now we are hoping some corporate sponsors will see what we have done and be a part of that.

JC: What do you tell people who want to dive into their own business?
J. Crowe: If they are passionate about it, I just tell people to do it. You can always get a job, that’s what my mom told me-  she is one of my really big supporters. You can always go and work for somebody, but if you have a goal, you have a dream, go for it. One thing that I definitely know is there are so many people who never got that opportunity. They are 40 [years old] and 50 [years old] who have been working for corporations for years, and they just get sick of it, and wish they had went on and started something. I definitely tell anyone who is interested in starting their own business to take that leap.

JC: When you were in college, did you always want to have your own site?
J. Crowe: When I was in college I always knew I wanted to work with non- profits. I knew I always wanted to do something helping people. When I was in college I always knew I wanted to do PR (public relations)- that’s actually what I did upon graduating for several years. [Also], that is when I began working with celebrities, understanding the charitable things they were doing, and just wanting to highlight them.

JC: What key things do you stick to build your business and brand?
J.Crowe: Time management can make or break you, and procrastination as an entrepreneur. If you are currently working for someone else, you can put off projects. There are projects I have been working with for BCG for 3 months, and I’m like Jasmine why aren’t you done yet. So, I am always telling myself time management [and] to do lists.

You can visit Black Celebrity Giving, here, and get involved with the community giving campaigns.


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