#2013 Memorable Moments

It is the last day of 2013, so we wanted to share some awesome YS Mag Live moments with our readers.

YS Mag Live had the pleasure of attending some great events and interviewing game changers all over the United States.

Take a look.

Caroline Jhingory Book Cover

Caroline Jhingory caught our attention with her life changing weight loss of 150 pounds.  Jhingory has continued to  build a lifestyle brand on healthy eating, which has included being featured on Dr. Oz, Good Morning America, the Today Show. and publishing her first book, Half My Size: How I Ate to Lose 150 LBS.


Cameka Smith created The Boss Network, one of the leading networking platforms for women. Through The Boss Network, Cameka has created many networking events and opportunities for women to educate themselves on building businesses, and meeting professionals from all industries.

The birthday boy enjoying himself.

Hebru Brantley has certainly made a name for himself through his art, gaining recognition for his pieces during Miami’s Art Basel. Earlier this year YS Mag Live had the opportunity to attend Hebru’s birthday celebration/Downtown 88 Exhibit in Chicago, which celebrated the culture of growing up in Chicago.

photo 2

A young mogul on the rise, Rob Hill Sr., began his journey sending inspirational messages to an email list of 20 people. Since then Rob has continued to gain popularity, and may be one of the most reposted individuals on Instagram.


Yolanda Renee, creator of the EtcBlogMag brand, is a jack of all trades. YS Mag Live has witnessed her  passion for natural hair and graphic design grow into a progressing brand within this year.

These are just a few of the amazing moments with YS Mag Live. We plan to continue to bring you inspiration in 2014.

Thank you for supporting us!


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