RECAP: The City Hates Us

This week on web series, The City Hates Us, things are turning up a notch. Tension is definitely growing between roommates Vivian, Harper and Riley. The rent is due, Canon is missing, and Riley has made her roommates unofficial babysitters.

Later on, Riley comes home drunk in the middle of the night, and pushes Vivian’s last button. Harper, of course, jumps in to defend Riley and attempts to help her sober up, but Vivian is not having it.

Harper finally decides to kick out her live in boyfriend, Omari, who, by the way, does not pay rent. However, by the end of the episode, he inappropriately pops up once again. We are guessing his stay may be extended.

Riley, who is either oblivious, or just does not care, gets flip at the lip with Vivian- calling her Captain Save A H**.

Then there is Mars. After doing a set, which he makes known, he worked hard on, Mars’ paycheck comes up short. Instead of accepting the shortened check and walking away, Mars decides to give Bink a piece of his mind, which ultimately results in him losing the gig.

So far, no one can catch a break, hopefully things began to look up for everyone… until then, the drama continues.

Catch the latest clip.


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