Let Go of the Fear

It is so easy to talk ourselves out of something, and find every reason why we can not do it.

The talk usually derives from fear.

We are already twenty days into the new year- emphasis on new. However, our old thinking, may have crept in with the new year- which ultimately leads to the fear of trying something new, becoming someone new, and witnessing new things.

When you really sit back and reflect on fear, it is a combination of negative possibilities- events that have not even occurred yet, but we think they will.

To combat that thinking, change the direction of those possibilities. Anything is possible. Why not remove the negative, and bask in the excitement of endless, amazing possibilities.

As you begin your day, think on these things.

1) What do you really have to lose , when you start? You miss the opportunity, when you do not start.

2)Trust yourself and the journey. You have to know that you know what is specifically for you can not be taken from you.

3)Plan, write out everything you want to do, and speak it out loud. The vision you create, becomes your world.

You are surrounded by ideas that came from people who tried something new… Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream.

Continue to walk in greatness.

-Jonnita, Editor in Chief


One thought on “Let Go of the Fear

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