RECAP: The City Hates Us, Episode #3


So, The City Hates Us is back with its third episode, The Comeback and we are learning more about each character.

Are we the only ones curious about what Riley is aspiring to be?  She is quite the multi- tasker- child bathing and blunt rolling at the same time, but we want to see her reaching for something more.

Ok, when did Canon and her Canon get back in town? At least she did not come back empty handed- she brought an extra month’s rent, and some attitude.

So far, out of all the roommates, Canon seems to have the most get up and go about herself.

Harper  finally lives up to her word and kicks Omari out. What a coincidence, Omari’s exodus reveals he has a passion for art, and he is a pretty dope artist.

Perhaps, his short stint at Harper’s was time to re-energize to create more pieces for his collection of bedroom gallery murals.

…Vivian. She is definitely passionate about holding that apartment situation down. Maybe, since Omari is out the house, and things seem to be leveling out, we will see more of Vivian’s dreams unravel.

On to Mars… He is already making a name for himself- in a not so good way. We will see what the next episode brings for him.

Until next time.

Check out the latest clip.


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