My Journey: Two Years Ago is Why I’m Here Today, Part 1

Consider this a formal, but informal introduction. I am Jonnita, the face behind YS Mag Live. I created this site to share the stories of many overcomers, but somehow I neglected my own story. So, here is my story.

Two years ago, I made one of the most challenging decisions ever. I left my comfort zone. Meaning, I left my steady form of income, and we all know how important that is.  I left my job. I was not happy, and no longer willing to settle.

Staying at my job meant I was staying at a place in my life that would only yield mediocrity. It’s crazy how this job was symbolic of the way I wanted to live the rest of my life.

I envisioned myself taking leaps, and stepping into the unknown. Faith was what I wanted to live by. I knew I did not want to work a 9-5 for the rest of my life, because I had a dream, and that dream in form is YS Mag Live.  Although YS Mag Live is in the form of a site, it is a movement.

…So, going back into 2012. Here I am going to this job everyday. Unmotivated, bored at times, and ready for change. I just knew this was not the place for me, and God began to show me this in so many ways.

I just have to say this: when it is time for you to move in another direction, your comfort zone is stripped from you.

My comfort zone was being stripped from me. It all started when I went from working in an editorial department (because I am a writer) to working in a department that literally required me to do data entry. So that was sign number one.  The second sign came when I received my annual evaluation that informed me I would not be getting a raise. Mind you, I had busted my butt in the editorial department…meeting with managers left and right to improve in every way possible. Then, I get into this new department for 3 months, even though I was working in editorial for one year, and my progress is completely overlooked- which equates no raise or bonus. Sign number three is  a combination of many things that included the company telling me I could not take vacation days, even though we had an unlimited vacation policy. Enough was enough.

I wanted to quit so bad, but I was so afraid.  I had no job prospects lined up. All I had was the belief that I was leaving this old place, and I was stepping into newness. I saw the vision in my head, I just had to go.

For about 3 weeks straight I had been praying, and letting God know I trusted him…then one day, I got the message.  I was sitting on the train, directly across from a lady who was reading the Red Eye, and on the cover in big green letters read, I QUIT.  Then somehow, the pages dropped from her hands, and the next page said, Take this job and…. (you fill in the blank). Throughout the rest of that day, I came across the message I Quit, two more times. Ok, Lord, I get it. I’m putting in my two weeks.

…So, here I am almost two years later, typing this story to share with you…To be continued.

Photog: milk n honee


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