Have You Ever had Glimpses of Your Life?

There have been many instances where I’ve had situations occur in my life that seemed to be snippets of my future. I am talking about meeting and exchanging information with editors from high profile magazines that I want to work with. Or even, high profile publications reaching out to me, but something just never seemed to go all the way.

I’m writing this because all those encounters I imagined happened, but they stopped at just being an encounter. It was like a preview at the movies, without the release date.

Honestly,  I can’t help but wonder when those encounters will be more than previews. I do believe that God will show you things, but not reveal everything to you…for a reason, of course.

Sometimes we think we are ready for those desires of our hearts, but in actuality we need more preparation. God will not put you anywhere he has not prepared you for.

I remember recently taking a look at a resume’ I did about a year or two ago. To my surprise, the resume’ had errors. Mind you I was sending this resume’ to the big name publications in hopes of joining their editorial staff. Needless to say, I received no response, and now I know why. I was not ready.

The journey of preparation is important, and for some reason we always want to skip over it. I can tell you that is not the only experience that taught me I was not ready, but because of those lessons learned I can be content. Most importantly, I learned patience.

I look at my life as if I am a piece of gold. Gold has to be placed in a high temperature  furnace until all the impurities (i.e, less precious metals) have been removed. Those metals have to be removed, because they diminish the value of the gold. Once the gold has been refined, it is now ready to be used…and we have all seen gold in the many forms it can be used, and how much it value has.

Ok, so I look at myself the same way. I am just in a refining process, because God knows my value, and he refuses to put his vessel out there as anything less. I almost shouted right there! Thank you Lord!

Sometimes we have to go around the same mountain, until we get it. Same thing as gold. That gold is not leaving the furnace, until all the impurities are gone. You and me are no different. We go through the fire to become God’s best for us.

On your journey, you will have glimpses of your life. Use them to keep propelling you forward, because one day the glimpse will become the present. You are where you’re supposed to be.


Trust the journey.






Have you ever had glimpses of your life?


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