IV: The Truth is…I Believed I Would I Fail, Before I Would Win

Part IV.

The law of attraction is real. PR opportunities were coming to me left and right. I put it out there I was a writer, and the opportunities were coming to me.

I’m thinking, this entrepreneur life is pretty good.  These were unpaid opportunities, of course, that I believed would eventually turn into paid opportunities.

So, now I’m working hard for other people, with no pay, because I’m afraid to really push my own dream. When I think about it now, every experience of my life at that point, I should have been sharing with other people. God blessed me with the idea to create Yur Storee, and I was neglecting sharing my very own story.

Deep down inside, I didn’t know if my happy ending would actually come. What if quitting my job, only leads me back to working another corporate job, I’m unhappy at, then I look like a failure.

I believed that I could escalate quicker by funneling someone else’s dreams than mine. Honestly speaking, I was not even content working for other people. It was sometimes tedious, and unmotivating. Nothing compared to the joy of sharing my story with you all right now.

So here I was back in the same space, I thought I had left when I walked away from my job. I was putting up a total front, but I kept moving in the same space.  Separating from your comfort zone is  a process.

Did I mention, my funds were doing more decreasing than increasing? Even if I had to go back to a 9-5, I was afraid of that too. Afraid of getting sucked into the same pattern, but subconsciously I was doing that without the 9-5.



Catch up on Part 3, here.





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