HerStory: Beat Face Honey, From YouTube Vlogger to Celebrity MUA in One Year

The name Beat Face Honey has certainly created an industry buzz within the last year. It’s amazing how one year can change things. Around this time last year, Beat Face Honey’s dreams came true.

Beat Face Honey, whose government name is Tatiana Ward, is no different than you and me. A make up artist living in Philadelphia, and working for MAC, she knew the struggles of life very well.


About 5 years ago, after getting cut from American Idol, Tatiana moved to Atlanta on a quest to do something with her life that she really loved, since she was not pursuing music anymore. She knew that she loved make up, so she started working at a make up counter just to learn. Afterwards, Tatiana ended up relocating back to her hometown Philadelphia, but she could only get work at strip clubs.

That was the best experience—I worked at Delilah’s and I worked at Risqué. The strip club is where I really learned my makeup skills (Ebony).

Wanting to get her name out there as an MUA, Tatiana started a YouTube channel, which she called Beat Face Honey.  Very strategic in her tutorials, BFH would re- create the make up looks from all the popular music videos- knowing every girl would want that look. One of the looks she duplicated included Brandy’s make up from her Put it Down video. Unknowing, this would be the key that opened the door to Beat Face Honey’s new journey as an MUA.

To BFH’s surprise, after she shared the  YouTube video with her subscribers, Brandy reached out  letting her know, she saw the video and loved it. Can you imagine?

Within the same week Brandy came to Philadelphia for her album promotion, and Tatiana was able to meet her (thanks to a friend).

That night, in that club, not only did I get to meet Brandy, she made me feel like SHE got to meet ME. Telling me that she loved my work and that she was so happy I was there. I asked her when I could do her makeup. She told me that next time she came to town, she would contact me. I said, “You promise?” and she said she promised (NecoleBitchie). 

Believing Brandy would keep her word, Beat Face Honey began to prepare for the opportunity, even though she had no clue when Brandy was coming back to Philly. Until the time came, BFH perfected her technique on one of her friends, who closely resembles Brandy.

A few months later, BFH got word that Brandy was coming back to Philly to do a show, but Brandy had not reached out to her. Determined to not let this opportunity pass her by, Tatiana reached out to her 80K YouTube subscribers for help.

I made a video asking that they all hit up Brandy on her instagram and ask her to make my dreams come true. They did. In droves I watched people who I’d never met before go in so hard for me and my dreams (NB).

It’s amazing how BFH’s faith spread amongst her fans. So, 24 hours go by, and Beat Face Honey still has not heard anything from Brandy.  Refusing to give up hope, before BFH went to bed on a Wednesday night, she asked God to wake her up to something wonderful. Literally, that next morning, Tatiana woke up to an Instagram notification from Brandy, asking her to do her make up for the upcoming Friday performance- which turned into BFH doing her make up for the whole weekend.


In the midst of Tatiana’s dreams coming true, it didn’t even matter that she only had $9 to her name at the time.

I’m telling my story because I hope it inspires. A week ago, my roommate and I literally put our change together so we could buy canned soup to eat (NB).

Everything Tatiana experienced prepared her for this very moment that opened the door for many opportunities, including creating several looks for Nicki Minaj’s videos and ad campaigns, being featured as social media superstar on the Steve Harvey show, she is currently touring the country with her Beauty & the Beat classes, and of course she is still beating faces everywhere.

Beat Face Honey’s transparency is so inspiring, because even before she became a celebrity MUA, she always embraced her struggles. You can literally scroll down her Instagram page and see her talking about her $1,300 car that broke down a year ago, and how she had to walk to work.

Follow her journey, here.

What’s your story?






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