V: I Had No Money…But, I Had a Dream Though

Part V.

So, here I am working for free, while simultaneously slowly losing my money. Just because I had a dream, my bills did not disappear, especially not my car note. In the midst of it all, I did believe I would be okay. I believed that with all the work I was doing, some huge opportunity would come, and put me where I needed to be financially. I mean, I was destined to make the right connection eventually.

Although I believed this, not having money really changed my mindset. It made me want to grind, but it also changed my focus. I guess my survival mentality started to kick in. The affect was definitely two fold. Here I am thirsty to get to this vision I have for myself, but at the same time, I needed money. I was so uncomfortable. This was not the dream I had for myself.

In less than a year, I became a struggling writer. How did this even happen? I was really wondering why things were not looking up for me in my eyes. I’ve seen other people take these leaps of faith and it worked out for them. Why is it taking me so long?

In my eyes, I had been working on Yur Storee since about 2010- laying the blueprint. Quitting my job was supposed to be the rainbow at the end of the tunnel, and everything was supposed to just fall into place.

Why was it so hard for me? And, why is it taking so long? I played these questions in my head over and over again. But, I was not going to stop trying.




What’s your story?


Read Part IV here.


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